Taylor Hall Hits Home Run at Toronto Blue Jays Batting Practice

Taylor Hall is a very good hockey player, and he has lived up to his 1st-overall draft status since the 2010-11 season. If he ever decides to take up a second sport, however, he proved that he could have a career in baseball in the future. When attending the Toronto Blue Jays batting practice Wednesday, Hall was able to knock a ball out of the Rogers Centre.

Hall was traded from the Edmonton Oilers to the New Jersey Devils earlier in the 2016 offseason, so his time spent in Canada will likely be limited throughout the season. He will have an opportunity to catch some Blue Jays games in New York, and Toronto more easily, however, given his proximity compared to when he played in Western Canada.

Hall recently discussed his trade to the Devils with Sportsnet, mentioning that “It’s not easy.” Despite the “wrench in things” that being traded away from Edmonton after having to endure the toughest years of the team’s rebuild put on his summer, Hall is starting to look ahead and look at what he can do to help the Devils in their quest to the Stanley Cup. For now, it’s nice to see the 24-year-old enjoying himself in Toronto and knocking a few home runs out of the ballpark to relieve some stress.