The Stanley Cup Playoffs are…..

The Stanley Cup (cr: mastermaq@flickr)

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are …………..

–   intense.

–   physically and mentally grueling.

–   what the regular season is played for.

–   late nights at the game, or in front of the television.

–   where heroes are made.

–   when overtime means something.

–   sell-outs on a nightly basis.

–   where mistakes equal goals.

–   where officiating changes from the regular season.

–   when players sometimes lose their minds.

–   where national television broadcasts actually have pre and post game shows.

–   a time for white outs, rats, octopus, and green guys come out.

–   game 7 madness.

–   where experienced veterans are so important.

–   a time for friends to gather in front of the television.

–   where tears of happiness and sadness are shed.

–   a time to make your power plays count.

–   a time when you not see a shoot-out.  Yeah!

–   where unknowns turn into stars.

–   often dirty, and always gritty.

–   where defense takes on a new importance.

–   a time to drive the net.

–   where heroes turn to zeros.

–   63 nights of intense hockey.

–   what the sport is all about.

Is there anything better than the Stanley Cup Playoffs!


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