Top 20: Nice Goal, Wrong Net

Hockey players strive for perfection, but sometimes they are prone to accidents -or faux-pas- on the ice just like the rest of us, beer-league players. Whether it’s a defenseman trying to clear the front of the net or a player trying to passing the puck to an empty net, there are plenty of incidents that plague the pro hockey players.

While own goals are considered comical and light, some of them can turn out to be decisive goals as you will see in the list below. Nobody plans to score on their own goal and when the misfortune happens, it directly affects the outcome of the game.

Below you will find a top 20 list of own goals committed in the hockey world:

20. Niclas Wallin – Carolina Hurricanes vs Washington Capitals
Wallin passes the puck to his goalie, unfortunately, he’s sitting on the bench because of a delayed penalty.

19. Ryan O’Byrne – Montreal Canadiens vs New York Islanders
O’Byrne passes the puck to his goalie, except he’s not there!

18. Ivan Vishnevskiy – Dallas Stars vs San Jose Sharks
Vishnevskiy scores on own empty net trying to dangle the puck.

17. Erik Karlsson – Ottawa Senators vs Anaheim Ducks
Karlsson deflects the puck into his own net.

16. Alexei Emelin – Montreal Canadiens vs Buffalo Sabres
Nice deflection by Emelin past Peter Budaj.

15. Victor Hedman – Tampa Bay Lightning vs New York Islanders
Hedman gloves the puck into in own net after a rebound.

14. Cory Sarich – Calgary Flames vs Washington Capitals
Sarich scores with a wrist shot past Kipper.

13. Marek Malik – Geneva vs EVZ
Malik thinks he is Paul Coffey… bad idea.

12. Brendan Morrow – Dallas Stars vs Calgary Flames
Morrow with a nice wrist shot past Marty Turco.

11. Niklas Kronwall – Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Kronwall buries the puck past Chris Osgood.

10. Nicklas Lidstrom – Detroit Red Wings vs New York Islanders
Lidstrom bats the puck in the air behind Jimmy Howard.

9. Nicklas Backstrom – Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Backstrom buries the rebound, but in his own goal.

8. Marc Bergevin – St. Louis Blues vs San Jose Sharks
Current Habs GM Marc Bergevin gloves the puck and throws it deliberately in his goal.

7. Keith Ballard – Florida Panthers vs Ottawa Senators
Ballard throws the puck into his net by mistake.

6. Bryan McCabe – Toronto Maple Leafs vs Buffalo Sabres
McCabe scores the game-winner in overtime… in his own net.

5. Phillipe Furrer – Switzerland vs Russia
Furrer tries to clear the puck during a penalty kill, but scores in his own net.

4. Japanese hockey player
He scores on his own goal, and then celebrates before realizing his mistake.

3. Chris Phillips – Ottawa Senators vs Anaheim Ducks
A dazzling stick-handling by Phillips who scores on his goalie.

2. Dan Boyle – San Jose Sharks vs Colorado Avalanche
Boyle scores the game-winning goal in overtime… in his own net.

1. Steve Smith – Edmonton Oilers vs Calgary Flames
Costly mistake by Smith which proved to be the game-winner.

Don’t hesitate to comment if you don’t agree with the above list or if I missed a funny own-net goal.

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