Upper Deck Creating More Unique Experiences for Hockey Fans

Upper Deck hasn’t forgotten the joy of being a kid and opening up a pack of hockey cards in anticipation of getting your favourite player. In fact, they’ve added more ways to enjoy the sport for traditional memorabilia collectors in Canada and the United States as well as fans around the world.

Upper Deck Logo
Upper Deck Logo (Image Courtesy of Upper Deck)

Through the creation of a digital hockey card platform called the Upper Deck e-Pack, and their third annual “My MVP” contest, Upper Deck has developed new and exciting ways for hockey fans to connect with their favourite NHL teams and with each other. As a collector of memorabilia since the 1970s, I’m excited to see my hobby open up for the future.

Jason Masherah, president of Upper Deck, is passionate about the technological innovations and unique fan experiences that they have created to make sports memorabilia more accessible to collectors, kids, and families. “We’re very proud to be able to create memories for kids, parents, and even grandparents,” says Masherah. “Connecting generations of fans and families who love the game of hockey is at the heart of what we do.”

Upper Deck e-Pack®

The company introduced the e-Pack in 2016, and it has not only increased in popularity but also grown the sport of hockey around the globe. The e-Pack is a pack of digital hockey cards where you not only can proudly display the cards on your smartphone or tablet, but you also own the physical equivalent of the cards, which are stored in a vault at Upper Deck headquarters in southern California. “The e-Pack series of cards are great for those who work overseas, like people in the military, who want to stay connected to the sport,” says Masherah. “They are also ideal for collectors who might have limited physical space like those who live in a condo and don’t have the room to store their collection.”

The Upper Deck e-Pack bridges the gap between digital and physical and lets you decide when, where, and how you want to experience collecting. You can keep your entire collection at your fingertips by viewing, sorting, and storing with the click of a button, all without missing the exciting pack-opening experience. The e-Pack also connects you with fans around the world who want to make a secure trade. There’s also the option of having your physical collection shipped to you to enjoy the experience of holding the cards in your hands. Just make sure to keep them away from your bicycle spokes or your Mom, who likes to throw your things out without asking you first.

The 3rd Annual Upper Deck Ultimate MVP Contest

We all know someone who loves hockey more than anything. They can be the superfan that sits behind you at games and gets the crowd hyped up with their gear or goal-scoring dance, or the mega collector whose house is decked out with memorabilia and cards. Upper Deck honours those die-hard fans with the My MVP Contest. Nominations are open until noon on November 7, 2022, to find the most passionate hockey fans in each NHL market, who will then be voted on by fellow fans, with one final winner being chosen by Upper Deck to be crowned “the Ultimate MVP.”

Upper Deck My MVP Logo
Upper Deck My MVP Logo (Image Courtesy of Upper Deck)

The fan-chosen Ultimate MVP will receive a prize package worth an estimated $3,000 USD, including two 2023 Stanley Cup® Playoff tickets, travel and accommodations, and an official Upper Deck MVP trading card. If you know someone who loves hockey in a special way, submit their name, and you could be collecting their Upper Deck hockey card in an upcoming set.

The Future of Hockey & Collecting

Upper Deck has always been at the forefront of the sport, especially in signing future superstars. From Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers and Alexis Lafrenière of the New York Rangers to recent draft picks Matthew Savoie and Shane Wright, Upper Deck has had their hand on the pulse of the game’s future.

Collecting rookie cards is one of the great experiences of this hobby. Getting their card and then watching them turn into elite players is rewarding. Upper Deck understands this, which is why they stay at the forefront of the next generation.

Masherah’s Love of the Game

Masherah’s love of hockey began when he was young. Growing up in Michigan, he instantly became a Detroit Red Wings fan and watched his team grow into a Stanley Cup contender in the 1990s and early 2000s. He has been an avid trading card collector since he was young and started to work at a card store when he was 14.

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He understands the feeling that collectors get when they first open a pack of cards and collect jerseys or sticks from their favourite player. He has guided the growth of Upper Deck since he became president in 2013 and has helped the company remain innovative and helped develop a bright new future for collectors. The Upper Deck e-Pack and the My MVP Contest are evidence of that.

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