Typically, as hockey fans the most in the way of hockey and painting we see is on the goalie mask. While plenty of artistry goes into those masks, they aren’t the only hockey paintings. In a media-soaked era, where every player is represented by hundreds of mega-pixel digital photographs, it’s refreshing to see there are still artists today who apply their unique visions of hockey to canvas. In the following entry I’ve highlighted three of those painters: Tommervik, Carole Spandau, and Ken Yackel, Jr. Each has their own style and each applies it to the sport we love. You can learn more about each painting by clicking on the painting’s title.

Pietr Bruegel
Bruegel’s ‘Hunters in the Snow’ (Library and Archives Canada)




The first hockey painting? On the pond depicted in the distance by Pietr Bruegel, people appear to be holding curved sticks and batting around a small black object. The painting was completed in 1565.




Tommervik tells me he attended the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto. His work has been featured in a variety of publications, including Wired. Scroll through his extensive work; whether Cubist Shaggy or Darth Vader Dance, it never gets old. Some examples of his work in hockey:

“Tommervik Vintage Hockey Goalie.”

Tommervik Abstract Hockey Goalie
“Tommervik Vintage Hockey Goalie” (image use courtesy of Tommervik)

 “Tommervik Abstract Cubism Hockey Player Painting”

Tommervik Abstract Cubism Hockey Player
“Tommervik Abstract Cubism Hockey Player Painting” (image use courtesy of Tommervik)

“Tommervik Hockey Goalie”

“Tommervik Hockey Goalie” (image use courtesy of Tommervik)

 “Tommervik Detroit RedWings Abstract Vintage Player Painting”

“Tommervik Detroit RedWings Abstract Vintage Player Painting” (image use courtesy of Tommervik)

Carole Spandau

Praised for her use of vibrant colors, Carole Spandau is a Montreal based artist who specializes in street scenes and whose work is especially beloved by those who grew up in Quebec and find her work warmly evocative of their youth.

“Hockey on St Urbain Street”

Hockey on St Urbain St Painting
“Hockey on St Urbain Street” (image use courtesy of Carole Spandau)

 “Hockey Game on Jeanne Mance Street Montreal”

Hockey Game on Jeanne Mance Street Monreal Spandau
“Hockey Game on Jeanne Mance Street Monreal” (image use courtesy of Carole Spandau)

 “Hockey on Hotel De Ville Street”

Hockey on Hotel De Ville Painting
“Hockey on Hotel De Ville” (image use courtesy of Carole Spandau)

“Fairmount Bagel With Hockey”

Fairmont Bagel with Hockey Spandau Painting
“Fairmount Bagel With Hockey” (image use courtesy of Carole Spandau)

Ken Yackel Jr

Artist, painter, sculpture–and hockey player. Yackel is from Minnesota; he played on the 1976 NCAA Championship-winning University of Minnesota Golden Gophers; he’s involved with hockey today in the San Francisco Bay Area; and his father has an entry at Legends of Hockey.

“Slap Shot” 

Slap Shot by Yackel
“Slap Shot” (image use courtesy of Ken Yackel)


Gophers by Ken Yackel
“Gophers” (image use courtesy of Ken Yackel)

 “Left Wing”

Left Wing by Yackel
“Left Wing” (image use courtesy of Ken Yackel)

 “Kick Save”

Kick Save by Yackel
“Kick Save” (image use courtesy of Ken Yackel)