2014 NHL Draft War Room: The Picks

by Eldon MacDonald (edited by @ChrisRalphTHW)

2014 NHL Draft: The Picks
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The spreadsheet below has been designed to provide you with a list of your team’s (and all other teams) prospects that were selected in the 2014 NHL Draft , the City of Brotherly Love Draft, in Philadelphia. Each player is linked to the statistics from Elite Prospects so you can look up the prospect in the future and see how he is doing. As well, interviews and profiles from THW are referenced (117 prospects covered) in case you want to become more familiar with the prospect. The spreadsheet is fully downloadable so you can make any adjustments to it to your liking. We have also added a second tab with the prospects listed in draft order for those of you who prefer their information presented in that format. Enjoy!

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  • The table display approximately 30 of the prospects at a time; simply scroll down to view the other prospects.
  • Only a portion of the table displays by default; you can scroll over to see the rest of the player demographics and statistics or select “View full-size workbook” option, which is the icon in the bottom right hand corner, to view the full table.  The beauty of this option is that you can then download the file to your computer and play with it or adjust it anyway you like.
  • The columns are arranged as follows:
  • Column 1 = Number where the prospect was selected in the 2014 NHL Draft
  • Column 2 = Team selecting the player
  • Column 3 = Player name – Linked to the statistics of Elite Prospects (click on the individual player name).
  • Column 4 = Interview’s conducted by THW
  • Column 5 = Player profiles – THW Next Ones Series
  • Column 6 = Player profiles – THW War Room Series
  • Column 7 = Final 2014 draft rankings – E-Mac
  • Column 8 = Final 2014 draft rankings – NHL Combined (the combination of NHL Central Scouting Service’s four separate rankings (NR = player was not ranked by NHL-CS).
  • Columns 9 through 16 – Prospect vitals – Height, weight etc.
  • Columns 17 through 21 – 2013-14 statistics of the prospect

2014 NHL Draft War Room: The Picks

Who do you think are the early winners and losers from this year’s instalment of the NHL Entry Draft? Although much too early to say at this point with years of evolution of the prospects required to truly evaluate how a scouting department did, here are a sampling of some of the teams that we thoughts had a better than average draft weekend – the Top 8:

  • St. Louis Blues
  • Winnipeg Jets
  • Arizona Coyotes
  • San Jose Sharks
  • Buffalo Sabres
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • Nashville Predators
  • Vancouver Canucks

2014 NHL Draft Picks
Leon Draisaitl, Aaron Ekblad, Sam Reinhart (Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)

About NHL Draft War Room Series

This series is compiled by Eldon MacDonald and edited by @ChrisRalphTHW)