2020 NHL Draft: Fisher’s Top 217 Overagers

This isn’t a particularly good year for overagers.

Don’t get me wrong, several overagers will get drafted in 2020 and go on to become good pro players, but there isn’t a Samuel Fagemo or Brett Leason garnering first-round consideration like last year.

In fact, I would be surprised if any overagers were taken in the top two rounds this year — in the top 62 — and I wouldn’t be shocked if the first overager went outside the top 75.

Nico Daws Guelph Storm
Nico Daws of the OHL’s Guelph Storm is the top goaltender in my overager rankings for 2020. For those interested, here were my overager rankings for 2019. (Terry Wilson / OHL Images)

It’s safe to assume there will still be 30 to 50 overagers selected as per usual — split the difference and say 40 out of 217 total picks in 2020 — but most of them will wind up in the mid-to-late rounds. There could be a run of them in that 75-125 range — rounding out the third round and filling the fourth round.

There isn’t a clear-cut top overager like years past, but there are quality prospects at every position that have been passed over in previous drafts. And there are tons of intriguing talents that could prove worthy of late-round flyers — potentially going anywhere from 125-217.

I have been keeping tabs on the prospects that I had ranked and mocked for 2019 through my Undrafted Tracker project. Others that appeared on my radar for 2019 have taken big steps this season and some late-bloomers have been revelations, emerging from obscurity to make this list.

It’s entirely possible that I’m sleeping on a few of those surging overagers since my focus has been largely on the first-time eligibles for this 2020 draft class. So please do enlighten me — or remind me — of any omissions with a legitimate shot at getting drafted, as I’ll soon be starting to work on my mocks for June.

Without further ado, here are my top 217 overagers for the 2020 NHL draft:

1) Evgeniy Oksentyuk (RW/LC, Belarus, Flint OHL)

2) Alex Cotton (RD, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

3) Nico Daws (G, Canada, Guelph OHL)

4) Samuel Hlavaj (G, Slovakia, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

5) Amir Miftakhov (G, Russia, Bars Kazan VHL)

6) Egor Sokolov (RW, Russia, Cape Breton QMJHL)

7) Iaroslav Likhachev (RW, Russia, Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL)

8) Axel Rindell (RD, Finland, Jukurit Liiga)

9) Adam Wilsby (LD, Sweden, Sodertalje Allsvenskan)

10) Billy Constantinou (RD, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

11) Daniel Baker (LD, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

12) Kristian Tanus (LC/LW, Finland, Jukurit Liiga)

13) Joonas Oden (LW/RW, Finland/USA, KooKoo Liiga)

14) Trevor Kuntar (LC, USA, Youngstown USHL)

15) Parker Ford (RC, USA, Providence College NCAA)

16) Pavel Gogolev (LW, Russia, Guelph OHL)

17) Ilya Solovyov (LD, Belarus, Saginaw OHL)

18) Ilya Usau (LC, Belarus/USA, Prince Albert WHL)

19) Xavier Simoneau (LW/LC, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

20) Gage Goncalves (LC, Canada, Everett WHL)

21) Dmitri Sheshin (RW, Russia, Magnitogorsk MHL)

22) Vojtech Strondala (LC, Czech Republic, Stadion Litomerice Czech2)

23) Artyom Galimov (LC, Russia, Ak Bars Kazan KHL)

24) Alexei Tsyplakov (LW, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

25) Maxim Musorov (F, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL)

26) Gunnarwolfe Fontaine (F, USA, Chicago USHL)

27) Nikolai Mayorov (LW, Russia, Cedar Rapids USHL)

28) Jakub Dobes (G, Czech Republic, Omaha USHL)

29) Victor Ostman (G, Sweden, Chicago USHL)

30) Luke Toporowski (LW, USA, Spokane WHL)

31) Bear Hughes (RC, USA, Spokane WHL)

32) Max Golod (LW, Canada, Erie OHL)

33) Michael Gildon (LW, USA, Ohio State NCAA)

34) Ilya Morozov (LD, Russia, Sibir Novosibirsk KHL)

35) Daniil Pylenkov (LD, Russia, Vityaz Podolsk KHL)

36) Adam Liska (LW, Slovakia, Severstal Cherepovets KHL)

37) Robert Dzugan (LW/LC, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin U20)

38) Oliver Okuliar (LW, Slovakia, Lethbridge WHL)

39) Adam Klapka (F, Czech Republic, Tri-City USHL)

40) Daniil Gutik (LW, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

41) Yegor Chinakhov (RW, Russia, Omskie Yastreby MHL)

42) Aleks Haatanen (LW/RW, Finland, Pelicans Mestis)

43) Aleksi Matinmikko (RD, Finland, Assat Liiga)

44) Otto Latvala (RD, Finland, HPK Liiga)

45) Albert Lyckasen (RD, Sweden, Linkoping J20)

46) Samuel Johannesson (RD, Sweden, Rogle SHL)

47) Nils Aman (LC, Sweden, Leksands J20)

48) Benjamin Baumgartner (LC, Austria, Davos NLA)

49) David Aebischer (RD, Switzerland, Gatineau QMJHL)

50) Alex Young (RC, Canada, Canmore AJHL)

51) Danny Weight (F, USA, Penticton BCHL)

52) Conner Hutchison (LD, USA, Penticton BCHL)

53) Mike Vorlicky (RD, USA, Wisconsin NCAA)

54) Zach Uens (LD, Canada, Merrimack College NCAA)

55) Jere Huhtamaa (G, Finland, Merrimack College NCAA)

56) Lynden Breen (LC, Canada, Fargo USHL)

57) Ben Meehan (LD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

58) Logan Stein (G, USA, Waterloo USHL)

59) Cameron Rowe (G, USA, Des Moines USHL)

60) Taylor Gauthier (G, Canada, Prince George WHL)

61) Cole McLaren (G, Canada, Halifax QMJHL)

62) Tag Bertuzzi (LW, Canada, Hamilton OHL)

63) Josh Williams (RW, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

64) Tarun Fizer (RW, Canada, Victoria WHL)

65) Logan Barlage (RC/RW, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

66) David Kope (RW, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

67) Brett Kemp (RC, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

68) Tristen Nielsen (LC, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

69) Ilya Altybarmakyan (LW/RW, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

70) Alexander Gordin (F, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

71) Amir Garayev (LW, Russia, Kapitan Stupino MHL)

72) Vladimir Sartakov (G, Russia, Avto Yekaterinburg MHL)

73) Danila Galenyuk (LD, Russia, St. Petersburg KHL)

74) Ilya Mironov (LD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

75) Ludvig Hedstrom (LD, Sweden, Djurgardens J20)

76) Alex Brannstam (LD, Sweden, Djurgardens J20)

77) Eli Zummack (RW/RC, Canada, Spokane WHL)

78) Orrin Centazzo (LW/LC, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

79) Vladimir Alistrov (LW, Belarus, Edmonton WHL)

80) Jonathan Brinkman (LW, Denmark, Medicine Hat WHL)

81) Martin Lang (LW, Czech Republic, Moose Jaw WHL)

82) Libor Zabransky (RD, Czech Republic, Kamloops WHL)

83) Riley McCourt (LD, Canada, Flint OHL)

84) Christopher Merisier-Ortiz (LD, Canada, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

85) Xavier Parent (LW, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

86) Justin Bergeron (LD, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL)

87) Louis Crevier (RD, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

88) Jeremie Bucheler (RD, Canada, Northeastern NCAA)

89) Ryan Siedem (RD, USA, Harvard NCAA)

90) Declan Carlile (LD, USA/Canada, Merrimack College NCAA)

91) Chad Yetman (RW, Canada, Erie OHL)

92) Austen Swankler (LC, USA, Erie OHL)

93) Iivari Rasanen (LD, Finland, Muskegon USHL)

94) Jami Krannila (LC, Finland, St. Cloud State NCAA)

95) Lassi Lehtinen (G, Finland, Lukko Liiga)

96) Nikita Rtishchev (RW, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL)

97) Aleksei Sergeev (LC, Russia, Quebec QMJHL)

98) Phillip Schultz (LC/LW, Denmark, Victoria WHL)

99) Jonas Brondberg (LD, Denmark, Portland WHL)

100) Jaydon Dureau (LW, Canada, Portland WHL)

101) Cole Reinhardt (LW, Canada, Brandon WHL)

102) Ben McCartney (LW, Canada, Brandon WHL)

103) Ryan Chyzowski (LW, Canada, Medicine Hat WHL)

104) Robert Calisti (LD, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

105) Cole Mackay (RW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

106) Brooklyn Kalmikov (LW, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL)

107) Brett Budgell (LC, Canada, Charlottetown QMJHL)

108) Taro Jentzsch (LW/RC, Germany, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

109) Simon Gnyp (LD, Germany, Kolner Haie DEL)

110) Eemil Erholtz (RW/LW, Finland, Sport Liiga)

111) David Mudrak (RD, Slovakia, TPS U20)

112) Jan Sir (LC, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2)

113) Yannick Bruschweiler (LW, Switzerland, Zurich Lions NLA)

114) Matt Verboon (RW/LC, Switzerland/Canada, Colgate NCAA)

115) Luca Hollenstein (G, Switzerland, Zug NLA)

116) Jacob Flynn (RD, USA, University of Connecticut NCAA)

117) Spencer Kersten (RW, Canada, Princeton NCAA)

118) Danil Antropov (RW, Canada/Kazakhstan, Saginaw OHL)

119) Kyen Sopa (RW, Switzerland, Erie OHL)

120) Louka Henault (LD, Canada, Windsor OHL)

121) Ty Jackson (LC, Canada, Dubuque USHL)

122) Dylan Jackson (RW, Canada, Dubuque USHL)

123) Sam Stange (RW, USA, Sioux City USHL)

124) Mason Nevers (RC, USA, Des Moines USHL)

125) Nate Warner (LC/LW, USA, St. Cloud Cathedral U.S. High School)

126) Jack Lagerstrom (RD, USA, Tri-City USHL)

127) Luke Bast (LD, Canada, Waterloo USHL)

128) Matthew Davis (G, Canada, Spruce Grove AJHL)

129) Gabriel Carriere (G, Canada, Waterloo USHL)

130) Ondrej Psenicka (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Waterloo USHL)

131) Marcel Barinka (RC/RW, Czech Republic, Halifax QMJHL)

132) Filip Koffer (RW, Czech Republic, Prince George WHL)

133) Brett Chorske (RC, USA, Wenatchee BCHL)

134) Jackson Niedermayer (LW, USA/Canada, Penticton BCHL)

135) Roope Taponen (G, Finland, Jokipojat Mestis)

136) Wiljami Myllyla (F, Finland, HIFK U20)

137) Jesper Myrenberg (G, Sweden, Vasteras Allsvenskan)

138) Carl Berglund (LC/RW, Sweden, UMass-Lowell NCAA)

139) Travis Treloar (RC, Sweden, Lincoln USHL)

140) Michal Mrazik (LW, Slovakia, Linkoping J20)

141) Albin Sundsvik (LC, Sweden, Skelleftea SHL)

142) Axel Westlund (LD, Sweden, Brynas J20)

143) Garrett Pinoniemi (LC, USA, Sioux Falls USHL)

144) Grant Silianoff (F, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

145) Oleg Zaytsev (LC, Russia, Dynamo Tver VHL)

146) Maxim Marushev (RC, Russia, Bars Kazan VHL)

147) Denis Pochivalov (RC, Russia, Torpedo-Gorky VHL)

148) Danil Alalykin (F, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

149) Gleb Petrov (F, Russia, Chaika Nizhny Novgorod MHL)

150) Artyom Pugachyov (F, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

151) Artur Gatiyatov (F, Kazakhstan, Nomad Nur-Sultan VHL)

152) Oleg Boiko (F, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL)

153) Dias Guseinov (F, Kazakhstan, Snezhnye Barsy Astana MHL)

154) Andrei Buyalsky (LC, Kazakhstan, Temirtau Kazakhstan)

155) Zdenek Sedlak (RW/RC, Czech Republic, Hermes Mestis)

156) David Kvasnicka (LD, Czech Republic, Vitkovice Czech)

157) Dmitri Zaitsev (F, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

158) Nikolai Burenov (LD, Russia, Vityazi Chekhov MHL)

159) Andrei Pribylsky (RD, Russia, Dynamo Moskva KHL)

160) Nikita Vashchenko (LD, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

161) Max Wahlgren (LC/LW, Sweden, Modo Allsvenskan)

162) Jacob Gronhagen (LC, Sweden, HV71 J20)

163) Oscar Lawner (LW/RW, Sweden, Farjestad J20)

164) Lukas Wernblom (LC/LW, Sweden, Vasterviks Allsvenskan)

165) Mikko Petman (RW, Finland, Lukko Liiga)

166) Aarne Intonen (LC, Finland, TPS Liiga)

167) Konsta Hirvonen (LC/LW, Finland, Jokerit KHL)

168) Valtteri Ojantakanen (LW/RW, Finland, SaiPa Liiga)

169) Premysl Svoboda (LW, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20)

170) Marek Berka (LW, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20)

171) Jan Bernovsky (RW, Czech Republic, Vitkovice U20)

172) Filip Prikryl (LC/RW, Czech Republic, Plzen Czech)

173) Jan Bambula (LW/RW, Czech Republic, AZ Havirov Czech2)

174) Martin Beranek (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Ceske Budejovice Czech2)

175) Daniel Dvorak (G, Czech Republic, Jestrabi Prostejov Czech2)

176) Simon Jellus (LC/LW, Slovakia, Lulea J20)

177) Arttu Nevasaari (RW, Finland, TPS U20)

178) Carl Jakobsson (LW/RW, Sweden, Farjestad SHL)

179) Adam Ahman (G, Sweden, Vasterviks Allsvenskan)

180) Linus Nassen (LC/LW, Sweden, Timra Allsvenskan)

181) Hugo Gustafsson (LC, Sweden, Sodertalje Allsvenskan)

182) Ivan Drozdov (RW/LW, Belarus, Dinamo Minsk KHL)

183) Stepan Starkov (F, Russia, Sochi KHL)

184) Maxim Shabanov (LC, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

185) Janis Jerome Moser (LD, Switzerland, Biel-Bienne NLA)

186) Adam McCormick (LD, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

187) Sean Larochelle (RD, Canada, Victoriaville QMJHL)

188) Felix Lafrance (LW, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

189) Jonathan Lemieux (G, Canada, Val-d’Or QMJHL)

190) Creed Jones (G, Canada, Rimouski QMJHL)

191) Max Paddock (G, Canada, Prince Albert WHL)

192) Roman Basran (G, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

193) Jake Lee (LD, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

194) Carter Robertson (LD, Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

195) Andrew Perrott (RD, USA/Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

196) Joe Carroll (LW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

197) Eric Uba (RW, Canada, Guelph OHL)

198) Keegan Stevenson (RC, Canada, Guelph OHL)

199) Nathan Dunkley (LC, Canada, London OHL)

200) Brendan Budy (LW, Canada, Langley BCHL)

201) Ethan Leyh (LW, Canada, Quinnipiac NCAA)

202) Zachary Okabe (RW, Canada/Australia, St. Cloud State NCAA)

203) Christophe Tellier (LC, Canada, Surrey BCHL)

204) Jordan Power (LD, Canada, Lincoln USHL)

205) Ben Schultheis (RD, USA, Dubuque USHL)

206) Holden Katzalay (RC, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

207) Michal Kvasnica (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Vancouver WHL)

208) Jackson Leppard (LW, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

209) Kaid Oliver (LW, Canada, Victoria WHL)

210) Orca Wiesblatt (RW, Canada, Calgary WHL)

211) Alex Swetlikoff (LC, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

212) Sean Comrie (RD, Canada, Kelowna WHL)

213) Chad Nychuk (LD, Canada, Brandon WHL)

214) Ethan Cap (LD, Canada, Edmonton WHL)

215) Kaleb Bulych (RD, Canada, Swift Current WHL)

216) Peetro Seppala (LD, Finland, KooKoo Liiga)

217) Valeri Orekhov (LD, Kazakhstan, Barys Nur-Sultan KHL)

On My Radar (153)

NOTE: Listed by position in alphabetical order, here are some of my honourable mentions — bringing the total to 370 prospects on this big list. There were many more overagers on my radar from my final rankings for 2019 — that weren’t copied over here — and, as mentioned in the intro, there is a good chance that I am still missing some of this season’s breakout candidates, so feel free to help me grow this list for my mocks to come in June.

Forwards (80)

Tristan Amonte (F, USA, Penticton BCHL)

Isac Andersson (LC/LW, Sweden, Frolunda J20)

Nikita Anokhovsky (LC, Russia, Buran Voronezh VHL)

Dan Bartos (RW, Czech Republic, Litvinov U20)

Danil Bashkirov (F, Russia, Tolpar Ufa MHL)

Fabian Berri (RW, Switzerland, Kusnacht Lions NLB)

Kyle Bettens (RW, Canada/USA, Steinbach MJHL)

Kieran Brown (F, England, Sheffield NIHL)

Petr Cajka (LC/LW, Czech Republic, Geneve-Servette U20)

Isiah Campbell (LC, Canada, Drummondville QMJHL)

Corey Cunningham (LW, Canada, Prince George BCHL)

Mathieu De St. Phalle (F, USA, Chicago USHL)

Michael Drabek (LC, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U20)

Ryan Drkulec (F, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Shawn Element (LC, Canada, Cape Breton QMJHL)

Eric Engstrand (LW/RW, Sweden, Malmo J20)

Martin Fasko-Rudas (LW, Slovakia, Saskatoon WHL)

Yegor Filin (RW, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL)

Tim Fleischer (RC, Germany, Iserlohn Roosters DEL)

Keighan Gerrie (RC, Canada, Waterloo USHL)

Patrick Giles (RC/RW, USA, Boston College NCAA)

German Grachev (RW, Russia, Severstal Cherepovets KHL)

Josh Groll (F, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Lincoln Hatten (F, USA, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton NAHL)

Michael Horon (LW, Canada, Prince Albert WHL)

Samuel Huo (RC, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Jack Jensen (LW, USA, Omaha USHL)

Jett Jungels (LW, USA, Northern Michigan NCAA)

Jackson Jutting (LC, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Cal Kiefiuk (LW, USA, UMass-Amherst NCAA)

Nino Kinder (LW, Germany, Winnipeg WHL)

Aleksi Klemetti (LW, Finland, KalPa Liiga)

Lev Komissarov (LC, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL)

Kristian Kovacik (LC, Slovakia, Dukla Trencin)

Edge Lambert (RW, Canada, Tri-City WHL)

Xander Lamppa (F, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Greg Lapointe (F, Canada, Coquitlam BCHL)

Philippe Lapointe (F, Canada/USA, Trail BCHL)

Donte Lawson (LC/LW, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Liam Malmquist (RW/LW, USA, Penticton BCHL)

Kyle Mandleur (F, USA, Boston Bandits U.S. High School)

Demid Mansurov (F, Russia, Traktor Chelyabinsk KHL)

Arlo Merritt (LC, Canada, Chilliwack BCHL)

Brady Meyer (LC, USA, Minnesota-Duluth NCAA)

Carson Miller (RC, Canada, Victoria WHL)

Takhir Mingachev (LC, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Luke Moncada (LC, Canada, North Bay OHL)

Cody Monds (F, Canada, Victoria BCHL)

Adam Najman (F, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2)

Jaxon Nelson (RC, USA, Minnesota NCAA)

Kirill Nizhnikov (RW, Russia, Shawinigan QMJHL)

Owen Ozar (RW, Canada, Trail BCHL)

Kristof Papp (F, Hungary, Des Moines USHL)

Kaleb Pearson (RW, Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Jonas Peterek (RW, Czech Republic, Kelowna WHL)

Ville Petman (LC/LW, Finland, Lukko Liiga)

Nic Poisson (LW/RW, Canada, Prince George BCHL)

Sergei Popov (LW, Russia/Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Nick Portz (F, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Jack Randl (LW, USA, Omaha USHL)

Connor Roberts (RC, Canada, Flint OHL)

Ryan Roth (RW, USA, Sarnia OHL)

Christian Sarlo (F, USA, Lincoln USHL)

Ryan Savage (RW, USA/Canada, Miami-Ohio NCAA)

Hudson Schandor (F, Canada, Surrey BCHL)

Colin Schmidt (RC, USA, Union College NCAA)

Otakar Sik (RW/LW, Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary Czech)

Lukas Sillinger (LC, Canada, Penticton BCHL)

Jakin Smallwood (RW, Canada, Winnipeg WHL)

Maxim Sorkin (LC, Russia, Zvezda Moskva VHL)

Matej Svoboda (F, Czech Republic, Kometa Brno U20)

Benjamin Tardif (LW, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Zack Trott (LW, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie OHL)

Jesse Tucker (LC, Canada, Green Bay USHL)

Yannik Valenti (RW, Germany, Adler Mannheim DEL)

Carl Wassenius (LC/RW, Sweden, AIK Allsvenskan)

Chase Wouters (RC/LW, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

Alexander Zhabreyev (LC, Russia, St. Petersburg MHL)

Artyom Zhuk (F, Belarus, St. Petersburg MHL)

Danil Zinovyev (LW/LC, Russia, Belye Medvedi Chelyabinsk MHL)

Defencemen (46)

Jakub Adamek (LD, Czech Republic, Frydek-Mistek Czech2)

David Aubrecht (LD, Czech Republic, Bili Tygri Liberec U20)

Jack Babbage (LD, USA, Chicago USHL)

Gleb Babintsev (LD, Russia, Stalnye Lisy Magnitogorsk MHL)

Inaki Baragano (RD, Switzerland, Kamloops WHL)

Jaxon Bellamy (LD, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Christian Berger (LD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Artyom Borshyov (LD, Belarus, Youngstown USHL)

Mitchell Brewer (LD, Canada, Oshawa OHL)

Ondrej Buchtela (RD, Czech Republic, Benatky nad Jizerou Czech2)

Martin Bucko (RD, Slovakia, Zilina U20)

David Dach (RD, Canada, Olds AJHL)

Alexander Dersch (RD, Germany, Dusseldorfer DEL)

Marcel Dlugos (LD, Slovakia, Liptovsky Mikulas)

Jimmy Dowd (RD, USA, Chicago USHL)

Brehdan Engum (LD, USA, Waterloo USHL)

Christian Felton (RD, USA, Vernon BCHL)

Aiden Gallacher (RD, USA, Youngstown USHL)

Jacob Herauf (LD, Canada, Victoria WHL)

Clay Hanus (LD, USA, Portland WHL)

Connor Horning (RD, Canada, Vancouver WHL)

Roman Kalinichenko (LD, Russia, Krasnaya Armiya Moskva MHL)

Juuso Ketola (RD, Finland, Hermes Mestis)

Juho Korhonen (LD, Finland, Hermes Mestis)

Nolan Krenzen (RD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Luke Krys (RD, USA/Canada, Brown NCAA)

Owen Lalonde (RD, Canada, Flint OHL)

Mason Lohrei (LD, USA, Green Bay USHL)

Anton Malyshev (RD, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Emil Malysjev (LD, Sweden/Russia, Vaxjo Lakers J20)

Cole McWard (RD, USA, Tri-City USHL)

Montana Onyebuchi (RD, Canada, Kamloops WHL)

Marc-Antoine Pepin (LD, Canada, Shawinigan QMJHL)

Zach Plucinski (RD, USA, Omaha USHL)

Alexander Popovic (LD, Sweden, Ornskoldsvik Division 1)

Merrick Rippon (LD, Canada, Ottawa OHL)

Uula Ruikka (LD, Finland, Chicago USHL)

Santeri Salmela (LD, Finland, Jokipojat Mestis)

Adam Samuelsson (LD, USA/Sweden, Sudbury OHL)

Thomas Schweighardt (RD, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Nikita Sedov (LD, Russia, Regina WHL)

Nathan Staios (LD, Canada/USA, Hamilton OHL)

Lev Starikov (LD, Russia, Des Moines USHL)

Oliver Turan (RD, Slovakia, Detva Slovakia)

Jackson van de Leest (LD, Canada, Calgary WHL)

Ondrej Volrab (RD, Czech Republic, Rytiri Kladno U20)

Goaltenders (27)

Daniel Allin (G, Canada, Drumheller AJHL)

Tobias Ancicka (G, Germany, Lukko U20)

Ethan Anders (G, Canada, Red Deer WHL)

Cedrick Andree (G, Canada/Netherlands, Ottawa OHL)

Arseni Akhmetov (G, Russia, Tambov VHL)

Alex Aslanidis (G, USA, Navan Grads CCHL)

Zach Bennett (G, Canada, Nanaimo BCHL)

Davide Fadani (G, Italy, Lugano U20)

Lucas Fitzpatrick (G, Canada, Baie-Comeau QMJHL)

Jackson Glassford (G, USA/Canada, Alberni Valley BCHL)

Mack Guzda (G, USA/Canada, Owen Sound OHL)

Daniil Isayev (G, Russia, Loko Yaroslavl MHL)

Ben Kraws (G, USA, Miami-Ohio NCAA)

Ethan Langenegger (G, Canada, Salmon Arm BCHL)

Nolan Maier (G, Canada, Saskatoon WHL)

Aidan McCarthy (G, USA, Dubuque USHL)

Derek Mullahy (G, USA, Cedar Rapids USHL)

Jasper Patrikainen (G, Finland, Pelicans Liiga)

Kari Piiroinen (G, Finland, Windsor OHL)

Isaac Poulter (G, Canada, Swift Current WHL)

Christian Purboo (G, Canada, Sudbury OHL)

Alexis Shank (G, Canada, Chicoutimi QMJHL)

Thomas Sigouin (G, Canada, Sherbrooke QMJHL)

Carl Stankowski (G, Canada, Penticton BCHL)

Christian Stoever (G, USA, Madison USHL)

Carl Tetachuk (G, Canada, Lethbridge WHL)

Jack Williams (G, USA, Muskegon USHL)

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