#9 Jordan Schroeder – 2009 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

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“Full Potential” Prospect Profile:

Jordan Schroeder
Jordan Schroeder


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9. Jordan Schroeder – Prior Lake, MN – 5’9″ – 180 lbs – WCHA – Minnesota – RW

One-Timer: Although most will dwell on his size, Schroeder more than makes up for this deficiency with his outstanding hockey sense and intelligence, poise, pucks skills and blazing speed. He is the ultimate team player, has excellent creativity and is not intimidated by the physical play despite his size. Actually, as noted below in scouting combine notes, he is very stocky and has a rock solid core. He is described as more of a playmaker, but the shot he exhibited at the WJC was just as lethal as his passing.

NHL Player(s) Comparison: Paul Kariya, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Zach Parise

Bio/Interview Links: http://www.westerncollegehockeyblog.com/2009/6/10/840557/nhl-draft-prospect-jordan-schroeder

Scouting Combine Performance:

  • Sorokin stated Schroeder “Looked about 5’7 to me…Is that a problem? Somehow I don’t think it will be, and you gotta see the guy’s body to understand why. It’s his build – which is stocky and very muscular. Also looks like a kid with a really good attitude, which should help him succeed at the next level.”
  • Gare Joyce noted that in the bench press and for push-ups, “U of Minnesota’s Jordan Schroeder also posted big numbers even though he’s short and pretty slight.” Gare also stated that with respect to the interview process, was among “those who might have talked themselves into disrepute.”
  • TSN staff reported “Jordan Schroeder, a top prospect at #5, did his wingate test and vomited once it was complete. He also completed 17 bench presses at 150 pounds, one of the best showings we’ve seen through two groups so far. Schroeder, who measured in at 5’8, seemed to enjoy the Combine experience. In one of his meetings with a GM, the 18-year-old said he was asked who he would most like to go out to dinner with –  Barack Obama, Maria Sharapova or Sean Avery. “I would have liked to have picked Sharapova but I went with Avery,” Schroeder said with a smile. {I think he should’ve went with Sharapova, as well, or even Obama, but he didn’t really say Avery, did he?!?}.

International Tournaments: At the WJC-U20s, Schroeder registered 11 points in 6 games, but some critics said he disappeared once Team USA faced tougher competition. I, for one, was impressed with the skill set he displayed.

ETA = 1 to 3 years

Risk-Reward Analysis: Risk = 1.5/5   Reward = 5/5

NHL Potential: 1st line scoring winger

Fantasy Hockey Potential: Offensive = 9/10   Defensive = 7/10

Other Rankings:

  • ISS: 14
  • CSB: 5-NA
  • TSN: 12
  • THN: 9

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