Alex Bump – 2022 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

Alex Bump

2021-22 Team: Prior Lake High (USHS-MN)
Date of Birth: November 20, 2003
Place of Birth: Prior Lake, MN, USA
Ht: 6-foot-0 Wt: 194 pounds
Shoots: L
Position: LW
NHL Draft Eligibility: 2022 first-year eligible


After splitting the previous two seasons with Prior Lake High School and a secondary league, Alex Bump played a full season in the USHS-MN and flourished. Playing in all 31 games, he recorded 48 goals and 83 points, surpassing his totals of the last two years combined. His success earned him a stint with the Omaha Lancers of the United States Hockey League (USHL), where he registered 11 goals and 17 points in 27 games.

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At the high school level, there wasn’t much Bump couldn’t do. He possessed all the tools required to excel, and he was leaps and bounds better at every level compared to his competition. This meant he was doing as he pleased whenever the puck was on his stick, as there was little anyone could do to stop him. His quick feet and agility often saw him slipping past defenders, sometimes completely undetected, making it an easy break to get quality scoring chances.

He’s not overly large at 6-feet tall, but he has the frame and the strength to compete physically at a higher level. Although the sample size was short with his time in the USHL, Bump didn’t look out of place at any point. He was good in corners, especially with digging pucks out from skates and slipping away from the crowd, and he wasn’t afraid to absorb a hit to protect the puck. His ability to play with some feistiness made him difficult to play against.

THW 2022 NHL Entry Draft Guide Shane Wright and Logan Cooley
Shane Wright and Logan Cooley (The Hockey Writers)

Where Bump’s draft stock may take a hit is his consistency and the defensive side of his game. There are times throughout a game when he’ll coast the sides and look disengaged from the play. This may be due to being at a level above everyone else, but it’s raising some concern about his lack of participation in every play. His back-checking is a work in progress, as he tends to stay behind in an attempt to catch the opposing team off guard and take an errant pass off of a turnover.

He looked good at a higher competitive level in the USHL, and some time in the NCAA will help improve his shortcomings. He’s committed to the University of Vermont, home of past greats like Martin St. Louis and John Leclair and current Stanley Cup Champion Ross Colton.

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Alex Bump – NHL Draft Projection

His intangibles are what make Bump a promising prospect to watch out for despite the lower level of competition he’s faced. He has the speed and the skating to keep up with tougher opposition, and his soft hands and deceptive shot make him an intriguing player. His never-quit attitude is precisely what scouts look for, and it won’t be a surprise to see him go anywhere between the mid-third round and the end of the fourth round.


“Bump is an offensive-minded winger who’s game relies on possessing the puck. You can see his play-driving potential, especially at the high school level. His puck control, and skating ability allow him to be a dominant player at this level. Bump is the straw that stirs the drink for Prior Lake in the offensive zone. He can create chances for himself or for his teammates with relative ease.”- Austin Broad, FC Hockey (from ‘Alex Bump Player Report – Prior Lake vs. Shakopee’, FC Hockey, 05/05/22)

“Bump’s shot comes with power and a quick release. He likes to change the angle of the release a lot and does so with ease. One detail I noticed about his game was how often he put himself in high-danger scoring areas. Bump was patient, waiting for ice to open up before looking to create a scoring chance instead of just firing shots from the perimeter.”- Douglas Larson, FC Hockey (from ‘Alex Bump Player Report – Prior Lake vs. Shakopee’, FC Hockey, 05/02/22)

“Bump is a skilled winger with elite offensive potential. He absolutely dominated in this game creating chances for himself and his teammates whenever he got the puck on his stick. His elite shooting ability includes Auston Matthews’ drag and shoot, which he showcased multiple times throughout the game. His elite hands allowed him to slip through opponents, which Bump made look effortless.”- Jayce Hopia, FC Hockey (from ‘Alex Bump Player Report – Moorhead vs. Prior Lake’, FC Hockey, 01/26/22)


  • Excellent shot and release
  • Smooth skating
  • Soft hands
  • Ability to find open ice

Under Construction- Improvements to Make

  • Back-checking
  • Consistency
  • Coasting on the defensive side from time to time

NHL Potential

Bump has the characteristics of a good bottom-six player at the NHL level whose speed would be viable for a team’s penalty kill. He has some work ahead of him, particularly learning to play a 200-foot game, but he has the tools. The team that drafts him should prepare to spend a few years developing him once he’s finished with his commitment to the University of Vermont.

Risk- Reward Analysis

Risk: 3/5, Reward: 3/5

Fantasy Hockey Potential

Offense: 6/10, Defense: 4/10

Awards/ Achievements

As captain of Prior Lake in the 2020-21 season, Bump led the team in scoring. His 48 goals surpassed the following three players on the team combined. His 11 goals with the Lancers placed him in sixth on the team despite playing half of the games his teammates ahead of him appeared in. He finished top five on the team in playoff scoring with three points in four games, and he was named the 2022 Boys High School (BHS) Player of the Year.

Alex Bump Statistics


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