Andy Frost Won’t Be Signed by MLSE

If you’ve ever been to the Air Canada Centre (or Maple Leaf Gardens before that) or listened to post-game radio in the Toronto area, chances are you’ve heard the voice of former PA announcer Andy Frost.

For nearly 17 years and about 700 games, Frost introduced players, announced goals and shamed those penalized during the game. For others, his post-game show on AM 640 recapped the game for them while Frost delved into his opinions of the Leafs play with callers.

Now, however, the Leafs will be introducing a new voice to introduce them as Maple Leafs Sports and entertainment will not renew Frost’s contract for the upcoming season.

While Frost’s post hasn’t been placed on the market, some might be looking to jump on the open opportunity with MLSE. The job has been held for over 50 years by Frost (17 years) and Paul Morris before him who held the spot for 38 years.

While this may not come as major news for anyone outside of the Toronto area, it will be different for those in the Greater Toronto Area. For them, they will say their goodbyes to the distinct voice that welcomed them to the ACC for the past two decades and try to get used to whoever takes over his role as the Leafs PA announcer.