Ray Bourque Sentenced to 1-Year Probation

On Wednesday, the court’s decision came down on former Boston Bruins’ defenceman Ray Bourque following his arrest for driving under the influence.

According to the Boston Globe, Bourque’s been sentenced to one year of probation and will lose his license for 225 days – including a 180-day suspension for refusing a chemical test upon his arrest.

The incident occurred early last month after the 55-year-old Hall of Famer rear-ended a minivan in a construction zone. Bourque blew three times the legal limit with a blood-alcohol level of 0.249.

Bourque pleaded not guilty but admits that the prosecution had more than enough to convict him of operating a vehicle under the influence.

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According to the Globe, defence attorney Gerard R. LaFlamme Jr. said that Bourque was “eager to take responsibility” for what he’d done.

“I mad a mistake,” LaFlamme said Bourque told him. “I had a lapse in judgment. I want to make sure that I am accountable for my actions, and I want to do this as quickly as possible.”

Bourque played 21 season in the NHL with the Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche. According to the Globe and a copy of his driving record from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, this is the fourth vehicle collision Bourque has been involved in.