Calling Mikko Rantanen

Calling Mikko Rantanen, the Colorado Avalanche need you. Now. Yes he is a rookie, yes he is playing in North America for the first time, but the Avalanche need a positive change, and calling Rantanen up is it.

It’s not about offense, as the Avalanche are tied for 8th overall in NHL scoring. It’s about the team as a whole, and Rantanen is a very good two-way player.

He is a better option than Andreas Martinsen, not to knock the guy, as he has played fairly well, but ‘Hot Wheels’ would bring so much more to the table right now, including his awesome nickname.

The Avalanche need some energy, some life, something positive to happen before it’s too late.

Avalanche Need a Shake Up

Colorado is just not cutting it, plain and simple, though they have been playing better hockey of late, there are certainly areas needing improvement.

As good as the ‘123 Line’ is, it’s time to split them up, the Avalanche need Nathan MacKinnon and Matt Duchene as their one-two punch down the middle.

Breaking that line up, while calling up Rantanen in exchange for Martinsen would have Colorado looking much better in all areas of the game, so it’s puzzling to me as to why he has not been called up yet.

We could be looking at Avalanche forward lines such as this:

  1. Landeskog – Duchene – Iginla
  2. Tanguay – MacKinnon – Grigorenko
  3. Comeau – Soderberg – Rantanen
  4. McLeod – Mitchell – Wagner/Skille

Don’t tell me that isn’t a better lineup than what is being showcased now. My point being, Rantanen would bring a lot of options to Colorado’s lineup, positive options.

Rantanen on Fire

Down with the San Antonio Rampage, Rantanen has been a flat-out stud.

As a rookie coming to North America for the first time, Rantanen has played in 16 games for the Rampage, notching 8 goals with 13 assists for 21 points, and is a team high + 12.

The Avalanche definitely picked a good one this past draft, and now that he’s obviously gotten used to the AHL so quickly, it’s time to bring him up to the big boy team.

Colorado needs fast improvements, that’s plain to see, so what’s the hold up?

Do they not want to burn a year of his entry-level contract? If that’s the case, then what other option do they have that can improve the team so quickly?

Call the kid up and get this team moving forward. With the way ‘Hot Wheels’ has been playing, it’s a no brainer.

BONUS VIDEO – Rantanen’s latest game