Charles Leddy – 2022 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

Charles Leddy

2021-22 Team: U.S. National U18 Team
Date of Birth: Jan 11, 2004
Place of Birth: Fairfield, CT, USA
Ht: 6-foot-1 Wt: 176 lbs
Shoots: R
Position: Defenseman
NHL Draft Eligibility: 2022 first-year eligible


In every draft, there will be those defensive-first defensemen who get selected in the later rounds, takes a few years to develop, then explode into the league once they make it. In 2022, one such candidate to be this player is Charles Leddy.

If you look just at his stat sheet, you’ll see a player without much of an offensive ceiling, as he posted 17 points in 55 games played with the U.S. National U18 team. Despite this lack of offense, he is still a very valuable defenseman, as he is able to keep his gaps under control, uses his body to throw opponents off the puck while utilizing his strong skating to keep up with faster players.

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There’s a reason why Leddy continues to be a sought after defenseman, as he was selected to play for the USA U18 team at the 2022 U18 World Junior Championship, and committed to play hockey at Boston University in the eight-grade. He is able to impress on the ice, even if he isn’t a perfect player right now, which is a good sign for his future in hockey. He will be a project for whatever team selects him, but he should be selected in the 2022 NHL Draft.

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Charles Leddy – NHL Draft Projection

If you’re looking just at scoring statistics, Leddy won’t be the most attractive player at the draft. However, NHL general managers don’t just select players for the offensive output, as things like size and defensive awareness can go a long ways toward hearing your name called on draft day.

Charles Leddy USNTDP U18
Despite not having a huge offensive ceiling, Charles Leddy is a great defensive-first defenseman who could be a mid to late-round pick at the 2022 NHL Draft. (Jenae Anderson / The Hockey Writers)

Leddy has enough of those intangibles to hear his name called on draft day. GM’s love a big, tough defenseman, after all, even if he will be a bit of a project. With this in mind, I’d expect him to be selected around the late fourth to early sixth round.


I see myself as a two-way, big defender,” Leddy said. “I’m offensive and defensive. I consider myself very physical, someone who can use his body. I have a big frame and like to use it. But I can also get up on the offensive rush, join the play and help with offensive production

Qoute from Charles Leddy to Chip Malafronte (From Fairfield’s Leddy named to national U-17 hockey team, CTPost, March 30, 2020)

He (Leddy) has the awareness to know where his defensive assignment is at all times and is more than capable of sticking with him and negating any impact his opponent may have. I think Leddy’s skating is a bit better than expected. He isn’t a high-level skater by any means, but he has the lower-body strength to generate powerful strides giving him the ability to make up ground quickly for a player who doesn’t have elite speed… Earlier I thought Leddy could be a third or fourth round pick, but now I think he’s more of a fifth-round prospect.

Austin Broad (From Chalres Leddy Scouting Report, FCHockey, Jan 17, 2022)

If you were watching the game casually and don’t notice Leddy that probably means he’s doing his job. His rough and tough shutdown style of game isn’t one that is sought after but he is a key player on his team. Even with a below-average offensive instincts, I still think his defensive game can take him a long way in his hockey career. But if he can add more skill and awareness in his game I think it’ll increase his chances of being an NHLer significantly.

Douglas Larson (From Charles Leddy Scouting Report, FCHockey, Feb 2, 2022)


  • Big, strong defenseman
  • Able to use his body to move opponents
  • Strong skater

Under Construction- Improvements to Make

Leddy lacks those offensive instincts that would make him a prime selection at the draft. This isn’t neccisarily a bad thing, as plenty of defensive-first defensemen get picked every year, but it will ultimately hold him back from breaking into that next level of prospect until that part of his game develops.

NHL Potential

Every team in the NHL needs at least one shut-down defenseman, and Leddy could be this player if he is given the time to develop his game. He is a project right now, but he is in a great position to develop at Boston College for four years before making the jump to the AHL.

Given enough time, there’s definitely a path to the NHL for Leddy. It won’t be easy, but if he can break into the league in five to seven years, he could become a defensive stalwart that is a fan favorite for the team he plays for, even if the rest of hte league doesn’t know his name.

Risk- Reward Analysis

Risk- 2/5, Reward 3/5

Fantasy Hockey Potential

Offense – 3/10, Defense – 9/10


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