DNA Test Could Mean Victory for Patrick Kane

A major break in the case against Chicago Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane could be coming down the pipeline in the coming days.

According to multiple sources, The Buffalo News is reporting that the DNA evidence from the rape kit performed on the alleged victim did not confirm the allegations being brought forth against the 26-year old.  There were no traces of KAne’s DNA in the woman’s genital area nor on her tested undergarments.

Because of this key lack of evidence toward Kane, it could be viewed as a major step towards exonerating Kane of rape; clearing his name in that regard. Of course, just because his DNA wasn’t found, it doesn’t mean that a rape didn’t occur.

Kane’s DNA was found underneath the fingernails and on the shoulders of the alleged victim, the report states. Because of that key piece of evidence, Kane could still be facing assault charges if sufficient evidence is found in that matter.

That being said, the investigation is set to continue. Both parties are also expected to continue to discuss a potential settlement, though those talks, as touched on before, have been viewed as tenuous.

Kane returned to the Blackhawks this week as the team opened camp at the University of Notre Dame. He read a brief statement on Thursday regarding the case, but didn’t answer any questions about the matter after citing a respect for the legal process.