DraftKings, Daily Fantasy Hockey, And The Trade Deadline!

Pittsburgh bound. DraftKings may add some value to Jaroma Iginla (Josh Smith)
Pittsburgh bound. DraftKings may add some value to Jaroma Iginla (Josh Smith)

Whether Jarome Iginla pulled a kind of “Bourque” is up for debate but he is now a Pittsburgh Penguin. His VISA will keep him from playing until early next week but his impact will be noticeable in fantasy circles, one way or the other. This week on our DraftKings column, we lightly touch on the upcoming NHL Trade Deadline, which is on April 3rd. That is only five days away. The question as it always stands is who will stay and who wiil go? —————————————————————————————————————————–

Who Will Stay Or Go, DraftKings Style?

This is really the question every single person asks every single trade deadline. Just because the big piece has gone does not mean there will be some intrigue. There could be quite a bit of movement that will impact fantasy hockey even if things peter out a bit. Will Ryan Miller finally be traded to Tampa Bay? That is but one example. The shortened season will make its impact in the sense that more teams will be looking to buy than usual. Teams that normally would be selling to the max may not be this year. There will be some teams that move laterally where they may both buy and sell just to set up for next year with an eye on the present.

The buy, sell, and limbo list is a bit different this year but let’s try our best and see what happens with this one. There are always surprises one way or the other and this trade deadline figures to be no exception.

  • Sellers: Florida, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Colorado, Calgary, Dallas
  • Limbo: Philadelphia, NY Islanders, Washington, Phoenix, Columbus, Edmonton
  • Buyers: Everybody else.

That is a small snapshot of the market as of right now but in a few short days, that can change. If you believe the pundits, this will change several times between now and next Wednesday. It always does. Expect at least 15-20 trades with 2-3 pretty meaty sized transactions. Considering the biggest deal happened already, this might be about right. There is the variable with the lower cap for next season to be mindful of also. Some teams may try to get in position now as opposed to before the draft or the 2013-2014 season. Either way, next Friday will be rather different compared to this Friday. That seems rather certain. You can put money on that.


Cheaper than Powerball?

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Twice The Fun?

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Good luck everyone this weekend and hopefully the dollars will be heading your way.  You can follow me on Twitter for the latest daily fantasy happenings and more @ChrisWasselTHW. We leave the comments section at the bottom here for you, the players. So don’t be shy, toss a few suggestions and questions our way. Thanks again for reading.