DraftKings Doubles Down Fantasy Hockey Style

Martin Brodeur returns and so does our DraftKings column for this week. (File Photo)
Martin Brodeur returns and so does our DraftKings column for this week. (File Photo)

Hello everyone as we welcome you back to another DraftKings column. Every Friday, we bring you the latest to help you win in daily leagues while introducing you into the world of daily fantasy hockey as well as daily fantasy sports. It is a booming industry that just seems to grow by leaps and bounds everyday. Two years ago, daily fantasy sports had no experts and now it feels like everyone is one. That is just how it is in a business where the growth looks to be limitless.


DraftKings Gives You A Chance To Double The Dough

Hey! Wake up! They give you money just for joining? Well, that answer is yes. If you want to double down your dollars, then join DraftKings today. Nothing feels better knowing that you doubled your investment by just simply signing up to a site. This is no gimmick. This is no joke! All you have to do is put in $25 of your money and just like that, it turns to $50. How hard is that? Where do you get a return like that? Simply the answer is nowhere. We want to get you in the game and that is why we are thankful to promote this offer.


I’ll Buy That For A Dollar!

Yes, all it takes is a meager dollar to get into the game with the NHL Daily Dollar contest. Just one dollar gets you in a guaranteed prize pool that can win you money from a $75 prize pool. If you wondered how many entrants are in a typical pool, well Thursday’s features 85 slots available. Here is that prize breakdown.

Prize Payouts:

1st place — $15.00

2nd place — $9.75

3rd place — $6.75

4th place — $5.25

5th place — $4.50

6th-10th — $3.75

11th-15th — $3.00

All it takes is four quarters to get into this exciting DraftKings contest that goes on everyday on the site. From there, you can move your way up to all sorts of daily leagues that test all skill levels. The point is we want you to win and we want to help that is why we even offer fantasy daily tips on twitter via @ChrisWasselTHW. Today we take a look at a few players that returned on Thursday


Reinforcements Return For Your DraftKings Leagues:

That is right. There are a few key returns that fantasy players need to be aware of, even if they have been talked about all over social media. Hey, maybe we toss in a few that are close to returning also.

Martin Brodeur
Martin Brodeur still remains fantasy relevant. (Brad Barr-US PRESSWIRE)

Martin Brodeur — New Jersey Devils:  Brodeur had a major scare with a severe pinched nerve that affected his upper back and almost his entire upper body. These are injuries that cannot be messed with and can cause havoc in a shortened season because it is type of problem that does not always heal the way people expect. New Jersey is 5-10-3 in its last 18 games as Brodeur missed a sizable chunk of that time. However, if one player can come in after a long layoff and lead a team on a run, it is Brodeur. Everyone knows what he did the last ten games of last year into the playoffs. Nothing more has to be said there. By the way, he ranked in the top five in fantasy points per game to close out the 2011-2012 campaign. That is some pretty heady numbers for a guy who was approaching the age of forty at the time. The man has over 300 more wins than the next best active player. That has to speak for something.

Tuomo Ruutu (Clydeorama/Flickr)
Tuomo Ruutu returns.(Clydeorama/Flickr)

Tuomo Ruutu — Carolina Hurricanes:  Ruutu finally returns to the Carolina lineup on Thursday night after missing the entire season due to hip surgery. It was feared that Ruutu would miss the entire season (he was originally projected to be out until the first or second week of May). However, sometimes a hip heals a little faster than expected. Ruutu started to skate a couple weeks ago, got his strength and conditioning back up, and voila here he is! Ironically these two players face each other on Thursday so go figure. For fantasy owners who forget Ruutu, he has 91 points in his last 135 games played. That is a pretty good average. It will be even more interesting to see how he is integrated into Carolina’s top six. Maybe he is given some third or fourth line duty before Ruutu gets shuffled between the top two lines. Either way he is a very welcome addition on a Carolina team that is pretty loaded minus the loss of Cam Ward of course. Expect maybe 13-15 minutes of time on ice that gradually gets ratcheted up to maybe 17-19 minutes by the end of the season.


That is it for now. See you next week for more exciting daily fantasy hockey news. Maybe Jason Spezza and Craig Anderson will return by then. At any rate, leave your comments and questions down at the bottom of the article or send us a tweet. We will answer any and all questions. Thanks for reading.