EIHLer Chris Higgins Makes Assist of the Year

It’s not often North American fans are going to have EIHL highlights set down before them, but Chris Higgins (not the former NHLer Chris Higgins) of the Belfast Giants managed to put together two of the best passes you’re likely to see at all this season, in the same game.

WIth the first one, Higgins took a bounce off the boards from behind the net and managed to tap it between his legs behind himself for his teammate to one-time it home.

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That was a pretty beautiful assist, but it’s nothing compared to the pass he made to help the Giants go up 6-2. This may be the assist of the year, closing the books before the NHL season even opens.

I’d attempt to explain it, but attempting to explain this properly would be like telling someone that the Cliff Notes for Moby Dick are just as good as the real thing.

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Higgins might be a bit familiar to college hockey fans. He spent his college career with Boston University before bouncing around the ECHL and taking one short stint with the Syracuse Crunch.

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h/t The Hockey News