Foundation Friday : Foundation Updates

This week is the tenth edition of “Foundation Friday” and a lot has gone on over the past ten weeks. We thought it would be nice if we updated you on the happenings of a few of the foundations we have already touched on. The NHL team foundations will be recapped during the NHL All-Star weekend.

Foligno’s Flock

There’s a new Foligno’s Flock on the block and this time they are located in Buffalo.

Tim Stolinski was a casual follower of Foligno’s Flock. In fact, this western New Yorker had never heard of the Janis Foligno Foundation until he began following the original Foligno’s Flock.
There really isn’t a lot of press about the Janis Foligno Foundation in Western New York. This struck me as really odd since we are so into the lives of the Sabres and Bills around here. With the formal press and abundant bloggers, we seem to know what the athletes have for every meal.
– Tim Stolinski – Foligno’s Flock Buffalo
This fact perplexed Stolinksi. How could something so good fly under the radar? In an attempt to shed more light on the Janis Foligno Foundation, Stolinski reached out to the creater of Foligno’s Flock about partnering with them.
I think Foligno’s Flock does great work and has organized a fan base for a greater purpose while still having fun. Can’t beat that.
– Tim Stolinski – Foligno’s Flock Buffalo
Stolinski has been blown away by the response he has gotten since the creation of Foligno’s Flock Buffalo. Especially with the way people from Columbus and Sudbury have supported the expansion flock. He even noticed something else that blew him away.
A little over 60% of our Facebook followers are women. I think that’s a pretty cool insightand speaks to the universality of hockey.
– Tim Stolinski – Foligno’s Flock Buffalo
For Stolinski the fight against cancer is a personal one.
I have my own personal ax to grind as my wife is a breast cancer survivor, my dad survived testicular cancer, and my dad’s brother was killed by cancer. Basically, I’m genetically at risk. So for me it’s about galvanizing a great fanbase to have fun and support a higher purpose as well as a personal fight.
– Tim Stolinski – Foligno’s Flock Buffalo

Mario Lemieux Foundation

On October 20th, the Mario Lemieux Foundation opened their third military Austin’ Playroom at Camp Lejeune. Over 75,000 active duty officers, their families, and veterans in the area will have access to the playroom.

Claude Giroux Foundation

Claude Giroux has started off the season the right way by inviting different organizations to sit in his box at games. From families affected by autism and military veterans Giroux is making sure many get to experience the joy of hockey.


Freelance sports photographer out of Bemidji, Minnesota, Brent Cizek, placed the winning bid on Hayley Williams jersey. Originally Williams said she would donate 10% of the final bid on her jersey to an organization of the winning bidders choice. However, upon reading up on the charity Cizek picked, The Pink Fund, she decided to up her donation to 20%.

The Pink Fund helps alleviate the financial burden treatments take on a breast cancer patient.


Cullen Family Foundation

Although the Cullens have taken a break from fundraising they still have a core group of sponsors who donate to the foundation. Luckily, the foundation has an endowment they can use to fund their initiatives while trying to decide what direction to take next.  If you would like to become a sponsor consider reaching out to the program.

Kat Velez Continues to Sell Her Fandom

This week Velez is rooting for the Boston Bruins for the second time. She has raised $1,055 thus far for Family Rescue located on the south side of Chicago. Velez will be doing this fundraiser all season long and will root for any team from any league as long as she has a feed or a way to watch the game.