Foundation Friday : #breakhayleysbank Campaign

On October 18th, the Buffalo Beauts played their first ever “Strides for the Cure” game. For the entire game the Beauts played in black and pink jersey which had pink ribbons in the numbers on the back. They scored in them. They celebrated while wearing them. Their blood, sweat, and tears are literally a part of these jerseys now.

After the game, the players autographed their jerseys and put them on E-bay with a starting bid of $250 to be auctioned off. Half of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Erie County Medical Center Lifeline Foundation located in Buffalo, New York.

ECMC is the only “Adult Regional Trauma Center and Burn Treatment Center” in the area. Basically, if you get into a car crash or experience some form of extreme trauma to your body you will be sent to ECMC. They have the tools and skills necessary to properly asses the issue at hand. Every year the staff at ECMC save hundreds of lives.

The ECMC Lifeline Foundation helps fund the resources need to save lives. One of those resources is a mobile mammogram station that travels through out the area. ECMC recognizes women often are too busy to make time for a mammogram. Instead of allowing them to make excuses they bring the mammogram to them.

While this is a worthy cause, one Beaut felt as though she could do more.

How am I personally making an impact? After asking myself that question, I realized I really wasn’t actually doing anything for the cause. I just so happened the jersey for auction had my name and number on it. I wanted to do more.

  • Hayley Williams – Buffalo Beauts

So, Williams took to twitter and launched the #breakhayleysbank campaign.

Knowing the auction ends on Monday, November 2nd, Williams wanted to spread the word as quickly as possible. She has asked everyone via twitter to continue to bid up her jersey. At the end of the auction Williams will donate 10% of the winning bid to the foundation of the winner’s choosing. Where will the 10% come from? Directly from Williams bank.


I want to be able to help in any way that I can, even if that is just by adding 10% to the jersey winner’s final bid. I figured this would be a good way to allow hockey fans to have memorabilia from a part of history, while knowing that 60% of their money would be going towards this important cause.

  • Hayley Williams – Buffalo Beauts


Knowing cancer has affected many different people in many different ways Williams wants the winner to choose their own foundation to give the 10% to. The 10% donation from Williams allows the winner to have a much greater and deeper connection with their fight against cancer.

Cancer is a terrible disease. It seems every person in the world has been affected by it in some way, whether it is personally, a family member, or a friend. There has to be a way to end it.

  • Hayley Williams – Buffalo Beauts

The auction ends on November 2nd, 2015. Please, if you have the money, take a moment to #breakhayleysbank and bid up her historical jersey. If you don’t have the money, spread the word around like a firestorm. Let’s help Williams and the Buffalo Beauts change some lives.

I know it’s just a little thing, but sometimes little things can make a huge difference.

  • Hayley Williams – Buffalo Beauts


Bid on Williams jersey here!