Frédéric Allard– The Next Ones: NHL 2016 Draft Prospect Profile

by Eldon MacDonald (edited by @ChrisRalphTHW)

Frédéric Allard

2015-16 Team: #58, Chicoutimi Saguenéens

Date of birth: 27-Dec-97

Place of birth: Québec, QC

Ht: 6’1”  Wt: 179 lbs.

Shoots: Right

Position: Defenseman

NHL Draft Eligibility: 2016 1st year eligible

Twitter: @fredallard3

THW The Next Ones Ranking: 42

THW War Room Rankings: 46


Other Rankings

  • Consensus: 53
  • NHL Central Scouting Combined: 39
  • Corey Pronman: 54
  • Craig Button (TSN, Mar-16): 84


Frédéric Allard, The General

#The General

Frédéric Allard is the General of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens on and off the ice. He and the much improved version of Nicolas Roy were the leaders in rejuvenating the Chicoutimi Saguenéen franchise under the tutelage of General Manager and Coach, Yanick Jean. On the ice, Frédéric was the guy calling and running the plays, particularly on the power play. Off the ice, he was the go to guy for the younger guys, particularly the young defense crew, for advice and support. He has an infectious likeability that makes others want to follow his lead.

Frédéric’s best quality is picking out the areas in his game that most needs improvement and then carry through with the steps needed to make those improvements happen. Going into last summer he identified that his diet, stamina, and shot all needed upgrades. What did he do? He replaced his personal trainer, went on a healthy diet and worked hard to improve his shot. How did he do? Great, here are some statistical comparisons to last year’s Frédéric Allard and the top three likely draftees from the back-end for this year.

Year Prospect Shots Goals Points
14-15 Frédéric Allard 98 2 30
15-16 Frédéric Allard 161 14 59
15-16 Mikhail Sergachev 156 17 57
15-16 Olli Juolevi 130 9 42
15-16 Jeff Chychrun 199 11 49

So what is up for this summer’s regiment for improvements? Frédéric has concluded that he needs to win more battles if he wants to win the war. Therefore, he will dedicate this summer to weight and strength improvements. The will to engage in battle is already there. The artillery just needs to be upgraded to NHL caliber to turn the tide to victory.

One of my favourite players in the 2016 NHL playoffs is Brent Burns of the San Jose Sharks. Yes, he is my favourite partly because he has the best NHL playoff beard ever. However, more importantly, he has shown what dedication and effort can do to a game. He brought an OK defense and shot up to world class. I believe Frédéric Allard has the dedication and effort that will bring his game up to the NHL level that any team would be proud to have.


5 Reasons Why Your Team Should Consider Making The General, FrédéricAllard, Part of Its 2nd Round Battle Plans

  • Game control: This is the guy who controls the pace of the game for your team. The others feed of his leadership and game skills. He is the glue that keeps your team together.
  • Leadership: The player the younger players look up to, on and off the ice. Has the affability and personal chemistry that allows him to work well in a team setting.
  • Intensity: Hard-nosed, plays with an edge, not one to give up.
  • Vision: Take the sang-froid to wait for a play to develop, add the vision to see what is possible and the physical skills to make them happen and you have Frédéric Allard.
  • Dedication to improvement: Has shown tremendous improvement this season as a result of his dedication to the game, on and off the ice. Has a plan for next season to bring his weight and strength up to where they need to be.



It is there. Frédéric ended up second in scoring for QMHL defensemen, averaging just under a point per game.

  • Mobility: As the Beach Boys used to say, “I Get Around.” First gear, the up gears and the top gear – all high-end. Add the agility and the edge work and you can say Frédéric Allard gets around real well.
  • Power play quarterback: Has the vision to control the game and make the right play.
  • Passing: Creative passes on the power play to tilt the ice in his team’s favour, good first pass. NHL ready.
  • Stickhandling: Has the ability to lead the rush, stickhandling and skating.
  • Shot: Improved to the point where it is an asset, both slapper and wrister.



It is almost there. The will to battle, physicality, edge, ability to work in all situations, low panic, shot blocking – they are already there. The weight, strength and consistency needed to achieve that top defenseman status are still works in progress. In summary, he does what it takes to win.

  • Active stick: Uses his high-end mobility with an active stick to keep the enemy soldiers at bay.
  • Battles: Never gives up, plays with an edge.
  • Positioning and gap control: Mostly very good but he could improve his consistency to make it NHL grade.
  • Transition: The combination of his mobility, his crisp first pass, his stickhandling and his calmness under pressure make him high-end on transition.
  • Calmness: Has the calmness not to look under pressure even in difficult situations. Has a low panic threshold.


Summary Comment

  • The General has the capacity to inspire others to do better and the ability to improve the chemistry of a team.


NHL Draft Projection

This is a guy who has had a relatively low visibility in this year’s draft. Hey, have you ever tried going to Chicoutimi in the winter? It is always a step into wonderland crossing the Saguenay. He is also just of average size and needs to improve his weight and strength to bring about a NHL caliber of effectiveness on defense.  Now that you have an idea of why he is only ranked in the second round by most, I will give you some ammunition as to why you should be intrigued and maybe a little excited about what Frédéric Allard could bring to your team if they draft him.

  • A power play quarterback with a right-handed shot; one who has produced the same level of offense or better as the top three ranked defensemen in the 2016 draft –Mikhail Sergachev, Olli Juolevi and Jeff Chychrun
  • The leadership and work ethic of those who are successful and that a good team depends on. He has the ability to develop the chemistry that winning teams have.
  • The will and ability to get better. Just ask Brent Burns what that can do to a fellow’s game over time.
  • The will to battle (think medium-sized dog that goes for the bone with the tenaciousness to get it) and the calmness and poise under pressure.

Frédéric Allard is a prospect who is not yet over the crest in the hill yet but he can see the top and knows he has the will and ability to make it. An NHL team who sees that in him could snap him up early in the second. I don’t see him slipping out of the second in any case. I have him at 46.



“Since the beginning of the season, our good players, our leaders have been regular like clockwork. A bit like Nicolas Roy, Fred is made in the same mold. There is a regularity (in their play). He gives us quality minutes and contributes offensively without mortgaging his defensive play. His game has matured a lot since the beginning of the season.”

Yanick Jean, the General Manager and Head Coach of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens at

(With help from Google translate)


“We’ve been a bit slow to recognize just how good he’s been as one of the top puck-moving blueliners in the Quebec League the past few months.”

Kyle Woodlief of Redline Report at


“A big leader on a team that has found itself under new coach Yanick Jean, Allard was named third star of the week in the ‘Q’ thanks to six assists in three games. The late 1997 birthday is deadly on the power play and has already doubled his production year over year, with 59 points to date.”

Ryan Kennedy at 


“He can quarterback a power play and plays a ton of minutes. He’s an effective player in his own end as well.”

Troy Dumville of NHL Central Scouting at


“The Red Wings’ blue line has been devoid of on-ice leadership for the last few seasons, and it’s clearly affecting them in the postseason. Allard won’t provide immediate help, but the leadership qualities and minute-munching he displayed for an overachieving Chicoutimi squad should make him a no-brainer for the Wings. He has a very hard shot, and he doesn’t shy away from using it. His one-on-one play is among the QMJHL’s best, and he will do whatever it takes to win.”

Steve Kournianos, The Draft Analyst, from his mock draft at





  • Mobility
  • Intensity
  • Vision
  • Intelligence
  • Leadership
  • Passing
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Stickhandling


Under Construction (Improvements to Make)

  • Strength
  • Physicality
  • Consistency on defense


NHL Potential

Frédéric Allard is a prospect who could fit in nicely in the 3 or 4 slot paired with a more defensive type. His style of play is reminiscent of Kris Letang before he put it all together and became a big-time star or Justin Shultz with quite a bit more oomph and mustard. He has the physical and mental skills you are looking for in a power-play guy.


Risk-Reward Analysis

Risk = 2/5   Reward = 4/5                 


Fantasy Hockey Potential

Offensive = 7.5/10   Defensive = 6/10



2013 – 1st round – 18th overall – QMJHL Entry Draft


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