Greatest Goal Scorers in Ducks History

When a team in any professional sport is playing poorly, it is always a good idea for fans to look to the past for some happiness.

The Anaheim Ducks currently find themselves at the very bottom of the Pacific Division. It is a position very few expected this team to be in, and it is a result of poor offensive productivity. Shockingly, the Ducks have scored the fewest goals in all of the National Hockey League.

In the spirit of easing any sadness or frustration the Ducks’ faithful may be overwhelmed with, I figured it was appropriate to turn to the days of yesteryear for a little comfort and take a look at the franchise’s top goal scorers. The Ducks have only been an NHL franchise since 1993 so I caution readers to keep that in mind when viewing the list below.

Without any further ado, I present the greatest scorers in Ducks/Mighty Ducks history!

Honorable Mention: Andy McDonald

In 2000, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim signed McDonald as an un-drafted free agent. The forward from Ontario spent seven years with the organization and witnessed the team eliminate the “Mighty” from its name. In 391 games played for Anaheim, McDonald found the back of the net on 92 separate occasions. Fifteen of the 92 goals were game-winners. Now 92 goals over a seven-year span may not seem like a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. However, McDonald’s scoring abilities have him seventh all-time in goals for the Ducks.

Honorable Mention: Bobby Ryan

Ryan was selected by Anaheim in the 2005 NHL Draft with the second overall pick. He was the third member of the power-trio that included Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf which was the core of the Ducks until Ryan was eventually traded to Ottawa. In his 378 games with Anaheim, Ryan provided his team with 147 goals. His 35 goals scored during the 2009-2010 is still the highest amount Ryan has been able to achieve in his career.

5. Steve Rucchin

Rucchin was selected second overall by the Might Ducks in the 1994 NHL Supplemental Draft. The center from Ontario played ten years of his career in Anaheim. In his 616 games played, Rucchin supplied the Ducks with 153 goals. He also shined in clutch scenarios scoring 23 game-winning goals.

4. Ryan Getzlaf

The current captain of the Ducks is in quite the slump these days but nobody can deny that Getzlaf has been a dominant force in Anaheim for quite some time. The former first round draft pick of the Ducks has recorded 209 goals over the past ten-plus seasons. Currently at fourth on the list of Ducks with the most goals, Getzlaf may not move up any higher but he will also be un-passable for a good amount of time.

3. Paul Kariya

In 1993, the then Anaheim Mighty Ducks selected Paul Kariya 4th overall to make him the first ever draft pick in franchise history. Boy did they make a good selection! Kariya spent the first nine years of his career with the Might Ducks and was one of their most productive players. In his 606 games with Anaheim, Kariya put the puck in the back of net 300 times and is one of only three Ducks to reach that milestone.

2. Corey Perry

In 2003, Anaheim selected Perry with the 28th overall draft pick. Little did they know that he would turn into the most dangerous member of the teams current roster. Scoring goals is the name to Perry’s game and he is pretty darn good at it. The 30-year-old from Ontario, Canada already has one 50 goal, one 40-plus goal, and three 30-plus goal seasons on his resume. In his 751 games with Anaheim, Perry’s goal total is at 306 and counting.

1. Teemu Selanne

I do not think that anyone would argue that Selanne is not only the great goal scorer in Anaheim’s history, but also the greatest skater to ever put on a Might Ducks/Ducks sweater. He played for a number of teams in his long and prosperous career but saw most of his success in Anaheim. Selanne scored 457 of his 684 total goals while playing for the Ducks franchise. Nobody on the Ducks’ current roster will never reach that number and it is very likely that number eight remains Anaheim’s leader in goals for an extremely long time.