Golden Knights Are Finally Golden

On Oct. 2, the Vegas Golden Knights unveiled their brand new alternate jersey will look like. The new uniform is bright gold, with an almost glittery texture to it. The jersey, like the city of Las Vegas, is bold, loud, and a bit in your face. 

The Design

The jersey follows the same structure as the Golden Knights’ current pair. The main part of the jersey is gold, and the top half of the sleeves are grey with splashes of white and red. The bottom half continues with the gold. As for the numbers, Vegas has elected to go with a black number and a white outline. Continuing with the same template as the other two, the nameplate is gold to match the jersey and will feature black lettering.

According to Jesse Granger of The Athletic, who saw the jersey up close, it has a glittery texture. The Golden Knights seemed to have been inspired by the gold band on their current uniforms. This could play for some interesting possibilities on the ice. An example could be if the jersey is indeed more coarse, like the current gold band, could an accidentally scrape of the jersey to an opposing player’s face be more likely to cut the player? Another question is, “will the jerseys sparkle while playing?” When light is flashed onto the current gold band of the home and away jersey, the light is reflected, causing a slight sparkle effect.

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In addition to this, there has also been a phrase added to the inside of the collar. When Adidas took over the production of the NHL’s jerseys, they added phrases to the inside of the collar as a way to help showcase what the identity of each franchise was. On the new golden alternate, the phrase says, “Always Advance. Never Retreat.” These two sentences perfectly embody what the franchise is and strives to be. Since their inception into the league, the Golden Knights have placed themselves into the upper-echelon, and they will not have anyone hinder their rise.

The Full Kit

The Golden Knights have announced what gear they will wear to accompany the jersey. As of now, the team plans on wearing their alternate with their grey helmets and white gloves. This could be a way for the team to combine all of their uniforms into one. They will also be wearing grey pants with the jersey. Typically, Vegas has worn black pants with their uniforms. Finally, the socks will be gold at the top, followed by a red strip, a white block, and finish with a grey patch at the bottom.

The decision to not wear golden helmets is an interesting one. Unlike the Nashville Predators or the Pittsburgh Penguins’ alternate uniforms, where they wear a matching color helmet, Vegas has decided to go a different route. The white gloves are also a shocking decision, as there is hardly any white in the jersey, thus making them look slightly out of place. However, this is the current decision, and only time will tell if they change their minds on this color combination.

The Captain?

Another shocking part of the reveal was the inclusion of the “C” on the jersey. Since joining the league, the Golden Knights has not named a captain. Instead, they’ve elected to name three alternate captains for each game. This appears to be changing for the next season, as this is the first time the Golden Knights have shown a jersey with the “C” on it.

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All in all, the new alternate jersey seems to pair well with the Golden Knights and the city of Las Vegas. Both are bright, flashy, and will always stand out when compared to others. For the first time, the Golden Knights will truly be golden.