Grand Larsson-y: NHL 2011 Mock Draft – Holiday Edition

Christopher Ralph

is THW’s prospect and draft analyst

Is Adam Larsson destined for first overall in 2011? (Photo: Wikimedia Commons - CanadaHky)

As I summed up in my preliminary 2011 Draft Rankings before the puck dropped in the regular season:

Is it ever too early to think about the NHL’s next entry draft?

Many shots will be taken. Many saves will be made. Many hits will be dished out. Many battles for loose pucks will be fought. Many passes will be delivered. Many savvy puck moves will be executed. Many coach tirades will fall on deaf ears.

All before the 2011 NHL Entry Draft takes place on June 24-25 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Once again, I love the dates – the 24th and 25th representing hockey’s version of Christmas!

Today’s article embarks on my first mock draft of the season – Holiday Edition. The first-round results are revealed in this article, with the second round to follow.


  • At this point in the season, the mock is, for the most part, based upon teams taking best player available (BPA).
  • Draft order is based on the NHL standings as of the morning of Dec. 17. Standings and thus team drafting positions will obviously fluctuate on a day-to-day basis from here on end.
  • Shots From The Slot is a brief rationale for each selection.
  • The table is “sortable” – that is, if you click on any of the headings it will sort them.
  • The table is also searchable (top right hand corner of table).
  • Just under the title, you can click “Show” and change the quantity you show on one page or you can simply click on the bottom right-hand corner of table to scroll through the rankings.


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* Boston received Toronto’s 2011 First-Round Pick, 2010 First- and Second-Round Picks for Phil Kessel

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6 thoughts on “Grand Larsson-y: NHL 2011 Mock Draft – Holiday Edition”

    • Thanks for comment Joe. “No way” is a strong statement at this point. If you follow much of my draft material, you’ll notice I’m not big on drafting goalies in first round. Jack Campbell and those like him I make exceptions for. I’m really big on Christopher Gibson and right now he’s my fav goalie available, but my personal feeling would be that he’s a 2nd rounder. I would not draft any goalie in the first round this year, at least at this point in time.

  1. If Iggy is still a Flame, it’s true that by the time RNH is ready to make an impact, Jarome will be a fading star.
    I wasn’t meaning that the Flames draft RNH just to play with Iggy; more referring to the fact the Flames have not had a true #1 center for such an eternity it seems…

    • Iggy won’t be around when RNH is ready. It seems like Landeskog could replace Iggy. He is a very good leader too.

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