Greetings From Smashville! Season 13, Week 17

by Jas Faulkner, Nashville Correspondent

The road trip to Western Canada is always  a complicated, hard to predict affair for the Predators.  Sometimes they storm through Alberta and British Columbia like a barbaric horde, leaving the Flames, Oilers and Canucks dazed and confused, a conquered rabble picking up the pieces after the boys have come to town.  Other times they arrive, cast a big shadow in Calgary and Vancouver and Iginla, Hamhuis, et al look them square in the eyes and say, “Kiss this, Ghengis.”

Given that this particular leg came at the shank end of a month that had thirteen games, three of which were at home,  it’s not hard to see why the going was wild and woolly for the Big Cats once they got closer to the Rockies.  There are only two games to recap as we head into the All-Star Weekend; so let’s get to it, shall we?


Could it be…Stajan?

NSH @ CGY   Monday, January 24, 2011

I can’t be the only one who thought a match between  P-Qvist and Crazy-Eyes Jokinen would be like watching one of those nature documentaries where two bears meet and fight over an abandoned bag of marshmallows, a strip of uncooked bacon and half a Butterfinger.   It was not to be, but that doesn’t mean the presence of the very determined Flames wasn’t felt.

Of the three goals Calgary got by Pekka Rinne that night, two of them were assisted by Matt Stajan.   Stajan, along with Alex Tanguay, flickered through the plays like evil putti, setting up the shots that would be completed by someone else and then disappearing back into the crowd at the home bench, leaving little more than a whiff of brimstone as evidence they were on the ice.

Nashville’s lone goal was slammed past Miikka Kiprusoff by First Gen Predator David Legwand.  Wilson and Ward were there to try to turn the tide but it just wasn’t enough to best Calgary, who celebrated Kiprusoff’s 500th NHL game with a three to one victory over Nashville.


How Much Puck Would A Canuck Chuck?

NSH @ VAN    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vancouver broke a Sweatt but it was Nashville who went away steamed and out-teamed with a final score of two to one in favour of the Canucks.   Newcomer Lee Sweatt made his NHL debut for the ‘Nucks and came away with a puck to send home to the folks.  Getting his first  NHL goal during his first game in the league is pretty impressive.

The Big Cats weren’t without their moments that night.  The lone goal for Nashville was delivered by Shea “I’m The Cannon, chooches!” Weber, who got assists from Erat and The Gelfling. Being a fan of east European hockey, it’s nice to see Erat, Kosty and Svatos all doing the eastern bloc back-tuck and low center of gravity skate.  Marcel Goc also made an heroic try at tying things up, only to see his attempt shouldered of by BertoLuuuuuuuuuu.

So now the boys are back home, except for Shea who is getting ready for another go at beating  Boston’s Zee in the skills competition.    What’s next?  Shea goes to Raleigh, the Predators mean business and we’ll see how Week 18 goes.

This is Jas Faulkner coming to you from lovely, almost Spring-like Tennessee.  I’ll be seeing you at The ‘Stone and The ‘Plex and online at Facebook and Twitter!