Hi New Jersey Devils Fans….Mailbag Anyone?

New Jersey Devils fans....hey YOU'RE NEXT! (File Photo)
New Jersey Devils fans….hey YOU’RE NEXT! (File Photo)

There are many who do not think it will be an easy season for New Jersey Devils fans. Well fans this is for you. Let’s face it. We need your help. The goal of starting this mailbag is to give the ones that root for this team the loudest voice possible. I will be personally asking for questions all week and the best ones will be answered every single Wednesday. This won’t be every other Wednesday or once a month. When we mean every week, we mean every week.

New Jersey Devils questions……why now?

This is an easy one. Why not? The Devils had a crazy off-season with players leaving and coming, a player who “retired”, a goalie on a video game cover, a turbulent ownership change, and now a very pivotal training camp. That is just for starters. Honestly, a good debate and exchange among Devils fans and writers alike is the aim. It is also no fun when everyone agrees with one another. That gets rather lame quickly.

Again, there may be a humorous question mixed in every so often but we want the toughest of the toughest. Don’t mince words and come out swinging. We can take it! Furthermore, retro questions will be used from time to time. It is always good to remember the past.

How many questions will there be?

That is a good thing to ask. There will likely be four or five questions that are selected every week. Do not be disappointed if your question is not answered. You never know when it may be. Inquiries will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and all throughout social media. It will also be placed on THW Live along with some other plugs as well. After all, you never know when “you’re next” may really be the case.

So what are you waiting for? Oh that’s right! A hashtag on Twitter would be really helpful, wouldn’t it? It will be probably easiest to use #THWDevils just to keep things relatively simple. With training camp now underway, the time is now to get this started. You ask them and we will answer them. This is your chance, New Jersey Devils fans to have your opinions heard. There really is no such thing as a stupid question. Thank you once again.