Ideal Opponent For the Avalanche Outdoor Game?

There have been lots of rumbling going around that Denver will finally host an outdoor NHL Stadium Series game. The game would be held at Coors Field, possibly as soon as next season. Finally, said everyone in the world who loves hockey. Now that we sorta kind of know for sure that maybe, there will be a game at Coors Field, let’s take a look at potential opponents for the Colorado Avalanche.

Four teams immediately come to mind when I think about an ideal opponent for the Avalanche outdoor game. The Detroit Red Wings, Minnesota Wild, St.Louis Blues, and Chicago Blackhawks. All of these teams would be great to see tangle with the Avs in a Stadium Series game. However, there can only be one opponent, as is usually the case in sports.

(Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports)
(Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports)

Strong Cases for Each Team

Each of the four teams can make strong cases as to why they should be the opponent to face the Avalanche in the outdoor game. Having a Colorado Detroit match up outdoors would be nothing short of amazing, that is, if you are still living in the past.

As much as I and everyone in the hockey world want this storied rivalry to reignite, it just won’t happen again. Unless of course, the Avalanche end up meeting Detroit in the Stanley Cup finals in back to back years as the Penguins did. Sadly the good old days of that rivalry are dead and gone. Detroit moved into the East and out of Colorado’s thoughts.

Obviously it would be awesome seeing the Avalanche face off against the Wild as well, after their intense first round battle in last year’s playoffs. However, this may not be a possibility at all, as they are rumored to be hosting a Stadium Series game of their own in the near future as well. If so, that knocks one of the more enticing opponents out of the mix right away.

That leaves the St.Louis Blues and Chicago Blackhawks as the most ideal opponent for the Colorado Avalanche. Both are now new division rivals, with the Avalanche moving to the Central last year, taking with them the first new Central division title.

We all know there’s the ex-player factor between the Avs and Blues that only makes this match up more mouth watering. With the Erik Johnson trade, and most recently, Paul Stastny leaving for the big bucks to play in his hometown have successfully added fuel to the fire that could end up being a great rivalry. The Hawks and Blues are both great teams but only one can go to the dance.

The Winner is…

Although the Blues have a strong case as they very well could be the Avs biggest rival one day, to me, the answer is clear. If you are looking for pure entertainment, fast, skilled hockey, look no further than the Colorado Avalanche and the Chicago Blackhawks.

Every single time Colorado and Chicago face off, it’s electrifying from start to finish. Both teams have incredibly skilled players with great goaltending and great coaching also. These two teams don’t hate each other, they both just want to play their fast paced, skilled hockey, which results in an amazing event every time they meet.

Just imagine all the talent that would be showcased outdoors in the mile high city of Denver, IF these two clubs meet, that is.

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  1. I’d love to see them face off against Minnesota; the two had an amazing first round playoff matchup last season. Although a faceoff against Chicago could happen, given this year will be the Blackhawks second Winter Classic, it would be nice if the NHL explored other huge hockey markets such as Minnesota, who have been trying to secure the game for years now.

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