The Islanders Aren’t Trading Griffin Reinhart to the Oilers

This rumor has been making rounds on the internet for some time now and it doesn’t appear to be going away, which is why it is even being written about. Griffin Reinhart’s name has popped up in trade rumors (coming out of Edmonton), but it’s very hard to understand the logic behind such a move or why it makes sense for the Islanders.

Assuming the Oilers cannot land Aaron Ekblad, it is being speculated that they will turn their attention to Reinhart in a potential deal with the Islanders. The Islanders would move from 5 to 3, but according to Edmonton reporters, it would also cost Griffin Reinhart – so the deal would essentially be the fifth overall pick and Griffin Reinhart for the third overall pick.

To make it even better, many Edmonton reporters are saying that the Oilers shouldn’t make the trade because Reinhart isn’t good enough to warrant such a move.


Such a move, however, makes very little sense for the Islanders. For the Oilers, on the other hand, it would make all the sense in the world.

Oiler Fans Should Want This Trade Proposal

Darnell Nurse - 2013 NHL draft eligible prospect
Despite having Darnell Nurse as a defensive prospect in their pipeline, the Oilers still have problems with their NHL defensive front. (Terry Wilson/OHL Images)

Even from across the country, everyone can see that the Oilers’ glaring weakness is their defense. They have a plethora of talented forwards who will only get better with time. Despite having Darnell Nurse, Martin Marincin and other young talented defensemen in the NHL or almost ready to get there, there are some question marks regarding the Oilers’ current defense.

Which brings about the point – why not stay in the top five of the draft and add some defensive prospects that might still be on the board at some point in time?

It seems as if Ekblad will likely be drafted either first or second, meaning that Edmonton will once again likely draft a forward unless they trade back into the first round. With names such as Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Jordan Eberle and some young talent ready to move on to the next level, it’s no wonder that the Oilers should go with defense in this draft. Again, Griffin Reinhart is NOT a wanted target.

The Oilers should be salivating at the prospect of this. They’d be able to add a top defensive prospect who’s ready for the NHL, stay in the top five, and add another talented forward. This would seem like a no brainer for the Oilers, but it would be the Islanders who clearly would come out on the short end of such a deal.

Islander Fans Should Hate This Trade Proposal

If you’re an Islanders fan, you know how much has been said about Reinhart and how excited fans are to see him play. He was recently named the WHL Playoffs MVP after his Edmonton Oil Kings won the Ed Chynoweth Cup and he also is the captain of the Oil Kings. This is a player that has boatloads of talent and is a great character guy. The Islanders are undoubtedly looking forward to seeing what the d-man can accomplish in the NHL and the addition of Reinhart would probably be welcomed by fans with open arms next season should the team decide that he needs to take the next step in his hockey career.

Trading up in the draft would make sense if Ekblad were available for the Islanders to select, but it likely would not come to that. Furthermore, trading two very good prospects for one doesn’t make sense for an Islanders team that has seen so many forwards come up this season and perform well. There’s no need to trade a top pick in order to only move up two spots in a draft that won’t yield the same level of talent that next year’s might.

I might consider such a trade if the Islanders were also able to get a young talented player from the Oilers, but it’s doubtful that the Oilers would break up their core yet (unless it’s Nail Yakupov who could be on the move).

Having many questions abound as to what the Islanders should do with their fifth overall pick, there are a number of scenarios that one could play out in one’s mind in order to justify keeping or trading the pick. More recently, the signing of Jaroslav Halak proved that the team will be trying to compete this year, so the value of a fifth overall pick is still huge.

It will be interesting to see what the Islanders do with their first round pick, but it can almost be guaranteed that it will not play out in such a trade with the Oilers.

7 thoughts on “The Islanders Aren’t Trading Griffin Reinhart to the Oilers”

  1. @Mathieu Gagnon, Isles have young nhl forwards Ryan Strome, Brock Nelson and Anders Lee.
    Islanders don’t need to trade for a forward that is ready to contribute next season. They need to improve their defense and goaltending.

  2. @Jordan, The Edmonton press first suggested Reinhart straight up for the 3rd overall pick. However, just days ago the Edmonton press suggested Reinhart+5th overall for 3rd overall+.

    Sweet deal for Edmonton. Makes NO SENSE for the Isles.

  3. Unfortunately due to the Nino & Vanek trades, we cannot afford to lose another 1st Round pick. Staying at 5 should land us one of Bennet, Draisaitl, or Dal Colle; all whom could be ready for the start of the 2015 season.

  4. Jordan,

    While that was how it began (ridiculous still), the debate evolved in such a way where the pick was also going to head towards Edmonton. I should’ve mentioned that.

    I’ve been on the Draisaitl bandwagon for a while but his stock has risen and likely will get taken in the top 4, leaving the Isles on the outside looking in. I agree with what you propose as well, but I think the team will look to add a more seasoned vet should they trade the pick… and I think they will, for what it’s worth.

  5. That wasn’t even the trade proposal that Edmonton journalists were proposing. It was the 3rd overall pick straight up for Reinhart.

  6. To be honest, NY Islanders need a forward that is ready to contribute next season. Trading up would mean Leon Draisaitl who I think is probably the prospect that is the most NHL-ready in the draft. Leon Draisaitl is a great playmaker, Islanders fan should salivate at the future of Draisaitl playing alongside Tavares. He’s projected to be a cross between Joe Thornton and Anze Kopitar. Big bodied playmaker should easily start the season in the top 6.

    I wouldn’t give up Griffin Reinhart though. I’d give up the 1st rounder, 2nd rounder +…Getting that extra 2nd rounder for Edmonton will be key to adding another great Defensemen prospect. There is a lot of Dmen available in the 2nd round.

    If Edmonton really want to add Aaron Ekblad, they have all the pieces to get him. Florida would consider trading the 1st overall pick for a scoring winger who could play next to Barkov. Well that scoring winger is Jordan Eberle beleive it or not. Trade Eberle, get Ekblad and Nurse on their D as soon as next season. I think this would be a great idea.

    Let’s say they want to add pieces to replace Eberle? Tampa Bay is looking for a RH puck moving Dmen. They have a lot of assets to trade away, Brett Connolly, Richard Panik, Adam Erne, ect they also have four 1st round picks. This goes to say if they would package Brett Connolly, 2nd round pick + for Justin Schultz (Who is an RFA, might get a nice raise).

    To be honest I think there is better options out there for Tampa Bay but Steve Yzerman is known to keep his assets, Schultz might be a B options.

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