John Scott Will Play in NHL All-Star Game

When the Arizona Coyotes traded All-Star John Scott to the Montreal Canadiens last week, many viewed it as a loophole to keep the fan-elected captain out of the All-Star Game in Nashville.

However, the league announced on Tuesday that Scott will still captain the Pacific Division at the three-on-three tournament.

The decision came, according to the league, after a “required review” of the circumstances. Ultimately, it was decided for everything to be as was previously announced in order to “preserve all parties’ pre-existing expectations, including Scott’s desire to participate.”

“I am looking forward to enjoying a fun and unique experience at All-Star Weekend in Nashville with my family,” said Scott via an NHL press release. “While being voted to the All-Star Game by the fans was not something I expected to happen, I am excited to participate in the All-Star events with my fellow players.”

When reports began to circulate that Scott was likely to be out of the game at the behest of the NHL, a slight fan uproar came about from the fans. It wasn’t because Scott was such a good player that he deserved to play, it was because the NHL got themselves into this mess in the first place.

When you open the voting up to fans to elect captains, you have to be prepared from anything. Scott winning a vote is anything. The fact that the NHL is keeping Scott in the game is the right thing to do. He won the vote of the fans, and should be able to play.

It’s not like the game matters anyway.