Jonathan Quick Has A Quick Fuse

The time of over the top goalies has come and gone. We no longer see goalies chase down players with their blocker cocked and ready to unload on a player. No, the days of Ron Hextall chasing Chris Chelios are over. We no longer see line brawls, and the ensuing mess that is a goalie fight accompany it. No, the days of Patrick Roy and Chris Osgood squaring off at center ice is long gone. Emotional over the top goalie moments are very rare in today’s NHL, but thankfully we have Jonathan Quick.

Yes, Quick has quite the temper. Whether it be a player getting a little to cozy in Quick’s crease, a puck getting passed Quick or a tussle in the corner, Quick will let you know he does not agree with it. Whether it be the second period of a regular season game, a shootout loss or between periods in the playoffs, if Quick doesn’t like something he will let someone know.

Quick leads goalies with 16 penalty minutes this season, the next closest in the race for bruising goaltender is Mike Smith, Pekka Rinne and Tuukka Rask with eight minutes. It is no secret why Quick sits atop this list.

Quick gives guys the business whenever he can. If a guy is coming in with speed, Quick will get his stick and blocker up in the guy’s gut. If a guy goes down in the crease, Quick makes sure to get a nice face wash in before he gets out of the pile, if he even gets out of the pile.

Let’s take a few looks at some token Jonathan Quick moments.

1. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us

The rivalry that has grown between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Los Angeles Kings in recent years has been a thing of beauty. Both have two Stanley Cup championships in the last five years and have met in the playoffs the last two seasons, both eliminating the other and going on to win the Cup once in the past two years. There is no love lost between the two clubs or the two goalies specifically.

Corey Crawford and Quick are very similar. Both are Stanley Cup champs, both can steal a game for their team and both can get a little testy. Mix that on edge attitude with a seven game series for a chance at the Stanley Cup and these two are bound to get on each other’s nerves.

It’s probably safe to say they didn’t go out and share a cold one after the game.

Quick doesn’t have to play a team in the playoffs for this to happen either. If Quick feels his players are getting a little manhandled at the other end of the ice, he’ll let the other goalie know about it. Just ask Jimmy Howard.

2. Everyone Loves A Victim

I’m not going to say Quick is alway innocent, hell most of the time he’s not. Like the play below. Quick obviously sees Logan Couture coming in on the forecheck and still manages to get in his way, giving his defenseman a split second more time behind the net.

But Quick doesn’t knock Couture to the ice. Quick takes the hit and acts like he wasn’t at fault. Not only does he play victim, but he gives Couture a little chin music with the puck after the play. That’s some kind of special.

3. That’s A Dollar In The Swear Jar

Professional athletes, hockey players even more than most, are molded. They know what to say and what not say when the cameras are on and when fans are around. Don’t upset the season ticket holders and don’t say anything the media can turn into bad press.

Well, Quick probably slept through that part of Public Speaking 101.

(WARNING: Graphic Language)

Giving Quick the benefit of the doubt, he had just won the Conn Smythe and his first Stanley Cup, give him a break. It wasn’t even to the camera. Oh, wait. He did it again? On a microphone, in front of thousands of people?

(WARNING: Graphic Language)

Well, thats just gold right there.

With a player like Quick you have to just embrace him. He has an in your face touch on everything he does and that’s what he’s going to do. There’s nothing you can do about it. You have to just sit back and wait for what he does next.