Las Vegas NHL Franchise Down to Four Options for Team Name

The Las Vegas NHL franchise won’t be playing hockey this season, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be getting their ducks in a row in the mean time.

The club’s long-awaited name announcement might be getting a bit closer. According to owner Bill Foley, they are now down to four options for the nickname of the Las Vegas NHL team.

“We’re making progress,” Foley told Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “We’re in a pretty good position now and we’re meeting next week with the NHL and Adidas to look at logos and designs. We’ll have a little more clarity in the next 30 days.”

This is pretty exciting news. All signs point to a name announcement in the relatively near future, which will likely include a logo and jersey designs.

From the start, Foley has made it clear that his preferred team name is the “Black Knights”, which is appropriate given the club’s location. Unfortunately, things have been difficult with the “Knights” nickname.

“The London Knights (OHL) own the name in Canada and to acquire the name from London is not economically feasible,” Foley said. “In the U.S., ‘Knights’ are fine. But we can’t use it in Canada.”

The Las Vegas NHL franchise recently named George McPhee their general manager. He served in that position with the Washington Capitals from 1997 to 2014.

As Las Vegas continues to take care of their in-house to-do list, more information will trickle out about the club’s personnel, but the entire league is anticipating the name announcement. Fortunately, it appears as if they are getting very close to making a decision.