Maple Leafs Have Hidden Gem With Prospect Ty Voit

No one knew what would become of the missed Ontario Hockey League season in 2020-21 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of players that were up for the 2021 NHL Draft wouldn’t have scouts in attendance to view their potential and their development could take a hit. 

There was hope, as a number of OHLers put together a showcase so that players can prove their worth with the PBHH Invitational. Sarnia Sting forward Ty Voit was one of the players that took part in the event and he definitely made his mark. 

Ty Voit Sarnia Sting
Ty Voit, Sarnia Sting (Natalie Shaver/OHL Images)

The highly creative playmaker stood out at the tournament and had success before the pandemic in his first OHL season. The small sample in the OHL and his play at the PBHH event was enough to catch the eye of Toronto Maple Leafs scouting staff as they selected him in the fifth round, 153rd overall at the 2021 NHL Draft. 

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In my 2021 rankings, I had Voit as a mid-fourth round pick. Seeing him fall to the fifth and the Maple Leafs take him, there was potential that this was going to be a great selection. All the attention has been on Matthew Knies as he was selected 57th overall in that draft, but Voit is looking like a hidden gem for the Maple Leafs right now with his consistent production and dazzling play. 

No Signs of Rust from Missed Season

Despite missing a full OHL season, there are no ill effects to Voit’s game and production. Ever since he was drafted, he has been on an absolute tear offensively given his high upside and creativity.

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 In his draft year minus one season, he had 28 points in 49 games (0.57 point per game). Of Voit’s 28 points, 19 were primary points, accounting for 68% of his production. Even though he didn’t have a draft year, the production sharply rose as he smashed his previous totals in his second OHL season with 54 assists and 80 points. This season alone, he’s looking to top last season’s totals as well as he has already tallied 48 points in 27 games, on-pace for 121 points. 

Looking at his numbers from Pick 224, here’s a breakdown of how well he has improved between his draft year and draft year plus one season.


Latest News & Highlights

You can see a major increase in Voit’s production and considering that the Sting were eighth in the Western Conference last season, that’s very impressive. He was 21 points clear of Nolan Burke in team scoring, as he had 59 points. This season the Sting are more competitive and with Voit not just leading the team in points, but the league itself, he’s on a mission to say that he’s more than just a fifth-round pick. 

Analyzing Voit’s Play

Many are going to look at the fact that he’s 5-foot-9, 150 pounds, but he has an extremely dynamic skillset and high offensive IQ in action. He’s doing whatever it takes to be in control of every situation and has the awareness to close off gaps and try to regain possession. 

Voit’s combination of his IQ, playmaking and creativity with the puck is always on display as it’s Mitch Marner-esque. He’s always scanning the ice for the passing lane and is always drawing in opponents to open the game up. He’s very accurate and extremely deceptive with his passing, making crisp passes for long stretch plays or even working quick give-and-go plays. His feet are always moving as he’s always in high gear, playing with a high level of pace and his hands allows him to make slick dekes and plays around defenders with ease. The way that Voit uses his body to deceive players and his ability to be quick with his hands easily fools the opposition as he’s unpredictable with his movements.

On this play, Voit is attacking the net and as soon as he feels pressure, he immediately puts on the brakes. As his head is up, he notices support and drops the puck back leading to the eventual goal. The smarts and creativity were on full display as he knew when to properly execute the drop pass. While he could’ve attacked the net for a shot, he elects to still make a great read and create a goal.

Whenever he has the puck, he’s always making the most difficult plays look simple as he has great control. You’re amazed with what he can do with it every time. He’s a fantastic skater with great speed and his edgework allows to him to turn on a dime and evade pressure easily. Even when he’s in tight and attacking the net, his hands and feet take control. Just like this goal.

As the puck comes to him, Voit is near the goal line on this play as his reaction time is extremely quick. He quickly shifts his body and displays his edgework, but his quick hands allow him to gain control and pot the puck into the empty net.

While he’s always displaying his hands and ability to make high-end plays, Voit’s shot is very underrated. When given the time and space he will quickly walk into the open ice and unleash a quick wrist shot. He has decent accuracy and combining his hands, he can fool defenders easily and walk in alone for a prime scoring chance.

WJC Snub Will Fuel Him

As the leading scorer in the OHL, Voit should’ve been considered for this year’s World Junior Championship. However, he was left off the camp roster

Ty Voit Sarnia Sting
Ty Voit, Sarnia Sting (Natalie Shaver/OHL Images)

Even though, he would probably be used in a depth role, his speed and smarts would’ve been a great addition as he plays with a high level of compete and energy. When you have hopes of representing your country at one of the top junior hockey events and don’t get the opportunity, it definitely leaves a sour in taste in your mouth.

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There isn’t any doubt that the snub for Voit will only fuel him even more than what we’re seeing right now. Even though we won’t get to witness him at the World Junior Championship, still seeing him tear up and dominate the OHL is just as great. 

Given his skillset and production early on this season, Voit is proving that the Maple Leafs drafting him in the fifth-round could be a potential steal from the 2021 Draft. As he continues to display his quick and relentless pace of play and crafty playmaking, he is definitely catching the eyes of many as a top prospect within the Maple Leafs system.

Statistics from Pick 224 and Elite Prospects.

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