Marcus Almquist- 2021 NHL Draft Prospect Profile

Marcus Almquist

2020-21 Team: HV71 J20
Date of Birth: Sept. 13, 2003
Place of Birth: Rødovre, DEN
Ht: 5-foot-7 Wt: 168 pounds
Shoots: R
Position: C/RW
NHL Draft Eligibility: 2021 first-year eligible


If there’s one player that could be a very interesting pick up in this draft, it would be Marcus Almquist. The undersized forward plays with a great amount of energy and determination every time he’s on the ice, which could get the attention of a lot of NHL teams.

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Almquist’s combination of his speed and vision allows him to read the ice very well. He is always one step ahead, already thinking of the path he is going to take into the offensive zone. He’s quick in transition and his speed allows him to move swiftly and find the open areas. Whether he has the puck or crosses over to receive a pass from his teammates he is always in he right spot upon entry. Without the puck, he’s always hunting it down and is quick to close in on the puck carrier and try to gain possession.

Almquist has a very great skillset. His shot is what makes him a major offensive threat as he can wire it from anywhere on the ice. His release is quick as he’s able to snap it on net for a great scoring chance. His goal totals at the junior level show that he can be very dangerous offensively and his speed will allow him to get into a prime shooting area. He’s also creative when making plays as he’s a great puck handler in tight areas. According to Pick224, he has a respectful even-strength primary points per game (EV P1/GP) of 0.63 and an even-strength goals for percentage (EV GF%) of 72% when he is on the ice.

While many will question Almquist’s size and he does need to get stronger, it isn’t a deterrent for him as he’s always competing and is engaged in the play when he is on the ice. He has no problem getting involved in battles along the boards and to make a hit on opposing players. If he’s able to improve on his decision-making and continue to develop his skillset, he could very well be someone to keep an eye on.

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Marcus Almquist- NHL Draft Projection

Almquist’s projection is tough to gauge. He has been listed as a mid to late-round pick and hasn’t even been ranked on others. I do think that with his ability to generate offensive chances and play with a high tempo, he could very well catch the eye of some teams as a great pick up in the fifth round of this year’s draft.


“He is incredibly quick and agile and has a stellar pair of mitts. When he gets the puck in the offensive zone he can really buzz as he darts around, slips through or around traffic and funnels pucks into dangerous areas. Zone exits and entries with possession aren’t problems for him. His decisions with the puck aren’t perfect, but he is capable of creating dangerous chances out of nothing in a way that most other prospects aren’t. Can slow the play down in the offensive zone to find his openings or up the pace to force mistakes.”- Derek Neumeier, FC Hockey

“Marcus Almquist is a player who has so much talent, but not much of a feel for the game in a unit. He’s skilled, quick, covers a tremendous amount of ice, and just a ton of fun to watch regardless of when he’s playing. He’s a guy who isn’t doing a whole lot except zipping around open ice, but when he gets the puck, he has some high skill, high fun moments that make him a very interesting pickup.”- Will Scouch, Scouching  


  • Speed and agility
  • Shot
  • Vision and awareness

Under Construction (Improvements to Make)

  • Decision making
  • Needs to add strength
  • Continue to develop strengths

Risk- Reward Analysis

Risk- 2/5, Reward 2.5/5

Fantasy Hockey Potential

Offense- 6/10, Defense 6/10

Awards/ Achievements

Almquist won the Denmark U17 Championship while also being named best forward in 2018-19. In addition he went on to win a bronze medal at the U18 Division 1A World Junior Championship, scoring the most goals with six. He also had the most points in 2020-21 by a U18 junior in the J20 Nationell. 

Future Focus

Marcus Almquist’s Statistics


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