Matt Beleskey Rejects Ducks Offer, Will Become Free Agent

There was speculation that talks between the Anaheim Ducks and Matt Beleskey were falling apart, but that there was still hope. That hope faded into the night on Tuesday, when Ducks GM Bob Murray said that Beleskey will go to free agency on July 1.

Matt Beleskey
(Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports)
With the season Beleskey had, it’s not surprising that there was a gulf between what the Ducks were willing to offer and Beleskey wanted, which was reportedly the moon. Beleskey took a major step forward this season and his camp was likely pricing his next contract based on the season he had, while Murray was probably looking at whether or not those numbers were sustainable based on his previous performances.

But as happens with free agency, there’s almost always a team out there willing to pay up and take a chance on a player who had an anomalously strong season. Particularly because there are always teams like the Arizona Coyotes in rebuild mode who need to get their team to the salary floor.

Beleskey set a career high in goals (22) and points (32) this season.

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