Arizona Coyotes Have Serious Offers For #3 Overall Pick

Arizona Coyotes GM Don Maloney told reporters on Tuesday that he has two serious offers to trade away the #3 overall pick in the 2015 draft. Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston quotes him as saying that “one team is being really aggressive.”

One must assume that he’s not being bullied, but means he’s getting an offer that is making him think seriously about the trade. Most GMs say they’re willing to trade top picks, but it’s generally lip service since the kind of offer that makes a team give up a #3 overall pick doesn’t come along all that often.

The trade would involve the Coyotes moving down in the first round, but retaining a pick in the top 10, according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie. That means we can narrow the list of teams making the aggressive offer down to the Maple Leafs, Hurricanes, Devils, Flyers, Blue Jackets, Sharks and Avalanche, unless there are multiple teams involved in the deal.

If the deal keeps the Coyotes in the top 10 and gets them more assets, could it be worth while? Of course. Particularly because this isn’t the last time the Coyotes will be picking near the top. They’re roster is likely to have them in the sweepstakes for number one overall in the 2016 draft when Arizona-native Auston Matthews is the projected number one overall pick.

ESPN’s Craig Custance is reporting that the other deal Maloney is talking about doesn’t give the Coyotes back a first round pick, but brings in a young player good enough that Maloney is seriously considering the offer.

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