Mike Yeo: “Operating Under the Assumption” He’ll Coach Tomorrow

The Minnesota Wild lost their eighth straight game on Saturday, despite outshooting the Boston Bruins 33-19. They’re just about a week from Minnesota’s first Stadium Series game and one game from tying a franchise record losing streak.

As things continue to go from bad to worse, the calls for the general manager Chuck Fletcher to fire coach Mike Yeo grow louder. It was very apparent in the post-game press conference that Yeo is feeling that heat.

“I’m a realist. You can’t lose every game and think that there’s not going to be changes,” he told the media, alluding the possibility that he could lose his job over the teams massive slump.

Despite a lengthy delay before he appeared to the media after the game, it appears he’ll be the coach for at least another game. “I’m operating under the assumption that I’m going to be the coach tomorrow,” he said.

But he’s short on answers with the team’s postseason hopes slipping away despite having a roster that can’t accept missing the playoffs as a result to this season. “It’s almost more difficult to do what we are doing right now than it is to win a whole bunch of games,” Yeo said. “I believe in the group, but they better start believing in each other and better start delivering.”

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