Morgan Rielly Is Awesome

Recently it has been hard to be a Leafs fan. The team has been terrible and so have the stars.  What’s worse is that it has become so dismal that real, actual positives – like the ascension of Nazem Kadri to the role of #1 Centre or the good things that have happened since Peter Horachek was hired – have been hidden by the onslaught of losing.

There is, however, one positive that cannot be overlooked and which almost everyone agrees upon: Morgan Rielly. The guy is not just good, but he’s fun to watch. And, somehow, he has escaped almost unscathed during what has been easily the worst Leafs season since of the 21st Century – and probably in the running for all-time recognition (which considering the team, says A Lot!).

Rielly has escaped the rancor of Leafs Nation because of his youth and upside – he’s a 20 year-old sophomore after all, and one who was a fifth over-all selection just three drafts ago.

While we have come to the realization that Phaneuf and Kessel are better additions than cornerstones, we now look to the future of Morgan Rielly, Nazem Kadri and William Nylander with great enthusiasm – at least anyone not completely blinded and/or blindsided by the recent losing does.

I think people forget that the Leafs don’t have to go through a painful Edmonton-Style rebuild because the Leafs already have some pieces in place and some very good assets to get more – again, the losing can understandably blind you.  So, I will shut up. I won’t prattle on with stats, comparisons or “crazy theories,” at least not today. I’ll just leave you with three clips that will hopefully get your spirits up by showing you that there is great hope for the future of this team.

Because Morgan Rielly is awesome.

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This beauty was from Saturday night in Edmonton and was – in my not at all biased opinion – the goal of the year.

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He scored twice last night against the Rangers, and though not as nice as Saturday’s, still pretty sweet.


Hopefully that got your spirits up.
Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Morgan Rielly Is Awesome”

  1. First of all, most informed people actually do. Secondly those who don’t are the delusional ones since the data is widely available and not hard to understand.

    • You’re right. If anyone can really look me in the eyes and say Kadri is a No.1 centreman, they have another thing coming to them.

      Let’s run down the list: Crosby, Toews, Tavares, Bergeron, Backes, KADRI? Nope, doesn’t make sense. He has 30 points in 53 games and is -5. Crosby is a plus player (+8) and is a better than points-per-game (56 points in 50 games) player.

      Kadri is not even top 50 in points for a centreman (he’s 52nd) and his plus/minus totals are 195th for centremen. Put those two stats together, you get a very (under) average centreman to me.

      Yet, he’s a No.1 centreman….

      • Don’t tell James Tanner that – he’ll throw a bunch of “stats” out at you about how he’s in the same class as Ryan Johansen per sixty games-played, or how his Corsi is better when Carlyle isn’t his coach, in the opposition zone, playing with Kessel and JVR, on the power-play when there’s a full moon, on Columbus Day and when the tide comes in at 9pm.

        • Agree. The Leafs just don’t have one. I like Bozak for his speed and he’s pretty good in the FO circle.. he won a few key late one’s last night to give the Leafs a chance, but he’s not even a first line center. The fact of the matter is, the salary that they threw at Clarkson and Phaneuf should’ve been used for a good 1st line C to complement Phil, then Bozak would be a great #2, and Kadri a perfect #3. Sorted. But Nonis doesn’t have that kind of intellect, so we’ll be watching other teams in the playoffs this year.

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