National Anthems to Play Ahead of World Cup of Hockey Games

One of the biggest remaining questions for the 2016 World Cup of Hockey was answered Wednesday. There was a lot of speculation regarding the anthems for the World Cup, mostly as a result of the North American team, and the European team being comprised of multiple nations with multiple anthems. Anthems will in-fact play ahead of each game for each team, with the exception of the European team. Additionally, the North American anthem will simply be both the “Star Spangled Banner” and “O Canada” played back-to-back.

Bill Daly originally stated that no anthems would play ahead of games, but that idea was clearly scrapped in favor of this new decision.

“We’re only going to play anthems when something is won from a tournament perspective,” Daly said.

If team Europe happens to win the tournament, there were already measures reportedly being taken to solve that in the form of a lyricless, instrumental song that will be used to represent all eight nations. It’s unclear if that’s still the intention at this time.

With the anthem questions answered, and with teams already practicing — giving indications of who will play with who — the tournament is just about ready to go. Hockey is about to begin again, and the only question remaining has always been the biggest one of all: who will win the tournament and claim dominance over the hockey world?

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