NHL Goalies Will Wear Streamlined Pants in 2016-17

There has been plenty of conversation in recent seasons around what changes are required to increase scoring. Most of those discussions revolved around the size of goalie equipment, and we have our first confirmation that changes are coming in 2016-17.

According to reports, NHL goalies will be wearing a streamlined version of their current pants, which is one of the first steps to cut down on how much space they take up in the net.

The major concern with scaling back the size of any equipment is obviously the safety of the goaltender. Today’s NHL boasts some of the hardest shooters the game has ever seen, which has progressively led to the oversized equipment worn these days.

On day two of the GM meetings in March, goaltending equipment was discussed and according to Kay Whitmore, who is in charge of goalie-related issues in the league, prototypes were completed at that point and expected to be finalized by June. If that stands true, we should expect the changes to branch out to leg pads and upper-body equipment in the near future as well.