No Criminal Charges Against Patrick Kane

While Patrick Kane has been traveling with his team during this early part of the season, a bigger situation involving the Chicago Blackhawks superstar has been going on for months. The South Buffalo native has been under investigation for an alleged rape that happened nearly three months ago at his Hamburg, NY residence.

But after weeks of interviews and digging, there will apparently be no sort of criminal charges filed against Kane. This according the sources at The Buffalo News.

In addition, the report states that the case will not be brought in front of a grand jury, despite it being the plan as of September. In a statement to the News, Kane’s attorney Paul J. Cambria stated that he had no talks with the Erie Country District Attorney’s office in “several weeks”.

Kane was accused of raping the alleged victim during the early morning hours of August 2 inside a room at the player’s home. The 26-year old has denied the allegations, and only gave a brief statement on the situation during pre-training camp briefings in September.

The case has been a mess since the very beginning. From stories that went in various directions regarding what happened to the accuser’s former attorney — Thomas J. Eoannou — stepping down from the case after being given false information by the alleged victim’s mother, there has been no shortage of questions that haven’t been fully answered. It’s likely that they will never be answered due to “doubts” regarding the allegations against the former Conn Smythe Trophy winner.

There was no mention, however, as to whether or not the accuser was involved in the “elaborate hoax” by her mother. The mother, by the way, never made the claims under oath or to the authorities, making it not a crime in the eyes of the law. It was also reported that there was no actual DNA of Kane’s found in her genital area nor on her undergarments.

District attorney Frank Sedita isn’t expected to discuss is plans over the next few days due to being up for election as a state judge. Other members involved in the case have refused comment on the matter.

There is still the possibility of a civil suit being filed, but potential plans to move forward in that aspect are not currently known.