Exclusive: Outdoor Games In NHL 17?

With the frequency, and success, of outdoor games in the NHL, many fans have been wondering if this means the feature will be returning to the NHL video game franchise from EA Sports.

On the last-gen systems, the Winter Classic has been a part of the game for the last few years. However, it has yet to be added to the current-gen consoles — PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — for players to enjoy. But that could be changing in the near future.

In a statement regarding the addition of outdoor games, the game’s lead producer, Sean Ramjagsingh, said that although he can’t comment on anything official just yet, it’s something that the development team is looking at putting in the game.

“We’ll start rolling out features in the next few months, but it’s definitely something on our radar given the prominence of them,” he said.

The comments are sure to get fans talking about potentially recreating some amazing events in the virtual world. Of course, with the aforementioned frequency of them, one would have to wonder how man stadiums, and which ones, would be included should the feature return to the series.

The next edition of the popular series — NHL 17 — is expected to be a major step forward for the franchise as it enters its third installment on PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to adding outdoor games, there has also been internal discussions about the game returning to the PC world in the near future as well as women’s leagues.