Q & A With Hershey Bears Enforcer Joel Rechlicz

The Hockey Writers sat down with Hershey Bears forward Joel Rechlicz this weekend, and talking a plethora of topics, including re-signing with Hershey, hopes of reaching the NHL and fighting in hockey. Rechlicz has one assist for Hershey in minimal action this season.

The Hockey Writers: What lead to the decision on signing with Hershey this offseason?

Rechlicz: “This organization is the best one I’ve been a part of and I really truly mean that. Everybody wants to get to the NHL and that’s my goal, Hershey and Washington have been nothing but the best to me, it’s a class organization all the way, on and off the ice. I’m just trying to be a part of it.”

THW: On his hopes on reaching the NHL again.

Rechlicz: “Just got to stay with it, I’ve got to keep playing. I had some games there where I thought I was really working in the system, just be smart, keep working hard with the coaches out there in practice and coach Mougenel has been really helping me out after practices. Haviland has been helping me with the systems and stuff like that. I’ll always be there for my teammates, that’s part of my game. Just working on all aspects of your game, you can never stop doing that. I just got to keep working on my skills.”

Joel Rechlicz (Annie Erling Gofus/The Hockey Writers)
Joel Rechlicz (Annie Erling Gofus/The Hockey Writers)

THW: On the possibility of eliminating fighting in the NHL

Rechlicz: “It’s part of the game, it’s always been a part of the game. It’s always going to be there, it’s a heat of the moment sometimes. If you take fighting out of hockey, it’s like taking tackling out of football. I don’t think it will ever get to that point.”

THW: On the importance for the Bears to build a winning streak.

Rechlicz: “Just got to keep going, like the coaches said take it day by day and just be ready to go. Stay up and bring that same game we did tonight.”

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