Q&A session With Ducks Prospect Dan Sexton

Photo Credit: Norfolk Admirals/John Wright
Photo Credit: Norfolk Admirals/John Wright

THW correspondent Ted Warren had the opportunity to chalk it up with speedy Norfolk Admirals/ Anaheim Ducks prospect right-winger Dan Sexton. Since the 09-10 season, Sexton has appeared in 88 NHL games all with the Anaheim Ducks. During his 88 game span in the National League, Sexton tickled the twine 13 times and was credited with 19 assists totaling 32 points.

Ted: When did you first lace up the skates?

Sexton: When I was five-years-old I first started playing. I was six when I first started organized hockey, but I was three when I first started playing outdoors with my Dad and brother.

Ted: Where did you play your minor hockey?

Sexton:  I played in Apple Valley in Minnesota. That’s where I played my youth hockey and high school hockey, and then I went and played my junior hockey in Sioux Falls in the USHL. After that, I played college hockey at Bowling Green.

Ted: You only spent two seasons with Bowling Green before you transitioned to the pro game. Were you just ready to get your feet wet in the pros?

Sexton: I was undrafted so when a team came calling it was tough not to jump at that. Even though I had a great time at school, I felt it was time to take the next step and capitalize on the good year I had my sophomore year at Bowling Green and move on to the next level.

Ted: You scored your first two goals in your third NHL game. How did that come about?

Sexton: Right place at the right time as far as getting the chance to play in the NHL. I made a pretty big jump at a young age to play my first NHL game. It was just a whirlwind of a season, pretty much. I was playing well when the guy got hurt and I was able to take his spot and make the most of it for a lot of the season.

Ted: What type of player do you classify yourself as?

Sexton: I try and use my speed to move the puck a lot. I try to get a lot of shots on goal. Again I use my speed to create scoring chances that way. So I consider myself an offensive player and I pride myself at playing at both ends of the ice.

Ted: Is there anybody you are thank to  who has helped you along in your hockey career?

Sexton: My Dad has been a huge part of my career and has helped give me confidence when I needed it. There have been some coaches that I’ve had going up the ranks that have given me a chance when not everyone believed in me, but if I had to pick one person it would be my Dad.

Ted: What pre-game routines do you have, if any?

Sexton: I like to nap for an hour and a half. I like to eat pasta after the pre-game skate. I don’t have too many quirks. I like to keep it simple and focus on playing well and not rely on too many superstitions.