Red Wings Fans Coming Together To Support Patrick Eaves

On Sunday Detroit Red Wings fans launched an initiative to support fallen fan-favorite player Patrick Eaves, who has been sidelined since taking a puck to the head on November 26. Continuing to deal with concussion symptoms, Eaves appears to be shut down for the remainder of Detroit’s regular season and the ensuing 2012 playoff race, and is instead looking forward to a return next season.

While the news isn’t exactly a surprise, it still came as a disheartening blow to the Red Wings community. So when a fan known as SlapshotG0al reached out to 2 popular Red Wings blogs (Winging It In Motown & The Production Line) with an idea to help show love and support to the injured winger, they immediately hopped on board, swiftly launching “Operation Eaves: Showing a Downed Wing That We Care”. The mission? In the words of the fan that started it all:

“I love hockey, you guys love hockey, that’s why we’re here. One of the things I love about hockey fans is the sense of community and family that brings us together. There are countless examples of the hockey community coming together for a cause, to help someone in need, or to provide support. Today we have a special opportunity to come together and show our support for one of our own. As most of you know, Patrick Eaves is currently struggling to recover from a concussion that started out as a broken jaw that resulted from taking a puck to the face on November 26th. What looked to be a painful, arduous recovery from a broken jaw, originally expected to take 6-8 weeks, has turned into a probable season ending injury. With Eaves being out of the lineup for so long, many seem to have forgotten him; but not us. Over the last couple months, I’ve been thinking a lot about Eaves and wishing there was something I could do, some way to encourage him and let him know that he’s still in our thoughts; and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Guess what? Turns out I was right! Today I’m proud to say that we have that opportunity; an opportunity to tell him that we appreciate the heart and dedication he brings to the game, and that we look forward to his full recovery and return to the Wings lineup. I’m sure he’s battling not only through the post-concussion symptoms and physical pain, but also the uncertainty, the discouragement and maybe feeling like he’s been replaced or forgotten. Well here’s our chance to let him know what he means to us and offer up our encouragement.”

Want to participate in lifting the spirits of Patrick Eaves and letting him know that he’s loved by fans across the globe? Head over to Winging It In Motown or The Production Line to leave a comment, addressed directly to Eaves to avoid confusion, which will be passed along to him. If that’s not enough, you can also find contact information to inquire about sending Eaves a card, gift, or care package.

Red Wings fans (and hockey fans alike) have a chance to do something worthwhile today. The effort beautifully highlights what being a fan is all about: supporting your team through thick and thin. We have the opportunity to support a player, to brighten his recovery period, and show our undying love. It’s a chance to give back after all he’s given us. An opportunity to show that hockey fans are more than just fans, but a loving family, a community that looks out for one another. So head on over to one of the aforementioned sites and take a moment to let Patrick know we miss him and hope he gets better quickly.

UPDATE: All of the comments have been gathered. A poster was made from them, and will be delivered Friday April 13th. You can find out more here: