Reporter Threatened Over Patrick Kane Coverage

The Patrick Kane rape investigation has been a mess for every party involved. However, it’s now becoming a mess for those not directly involved in the investigation.

Julie DiCaro, who has been covering this case from the start with complete objectivity, was unable to work on Friday due to threats made against her by people on Twitter. The responses come because of her coverage of the case by Chicago Blackhawks fans.

The tweets in question will not be posted here as to not give any publicity to the individuals responsible for putting this amount of fear into an innocent reporter. Those threats involved knowledge of her location during the day, and what “needed” to happen to her.

This is some of the most heinous actions I’ve seen on social media. For “fans” of a sports team — something that has no impact on the average individual’s life — to act this way is absolutely disgusting. The separation between a game that we all enjoy and real life is a pretty big one. People with any common sense should know that when an athlete, who is a public figure because of their prominence, is in a case like this, it’s a reporter’s responsibility to cover the story.

DiCaro has covered this story about as well as anyone possibly can. There’s been no judgments made, and everything she has reported is as detailed as can be. It’s sickening how some can go to far and impact someone’s life because of what an athlete is being investigated for.

This type of behavior, and not just towards sports writers, needs to stop. Making threats like this against people just doing their jobs is pathetic. If you are reading this and just so happen to be someone making those types of threats, then there is a special location that has a spot with your name written all over it…cowards.