San Jose Sharks Reveal New Secondary Logos

The San Jose Sharks revealed a new secondary logo on Wednesday as part of a new marketing campaign set to begin in the 2016-17 season.

The logos, shown above, will not be replacing the main logo of the Sharks or appear on any of the three current versions of the team’s jerseys, but used in marketing efforts next season. The logos were designed by Terry Smith, who is also credited with designing the team’s original logo in 1991. Despite not being a part of the team’s current jerseys, the team did report that new merchandise with the logo is coming soon.

When the Sharks host the Nashville Predators on Oct. 29, the team will be giving away “Los Tiburones” jerseys to fans in attendance, shown below, and incorporating the team’s new secondary logo. ‘Los Tiburones’ is a nickname of the team, and is Spanish for ‘Sharks.’

On Monday, the Sharks released the team’s promotional schedule for the 2016-17 season- with items such as player bobbleheads and a Brent Burns grill (a mouthpiece highlighting the star defenseman’s toothless grin) also being given away at select home games.