Sidetracked: Big Papi can’t slide, Albert Pujols burns fan, Tennis players kiss

Big Papi really can’t slide…seriously…he can’t

It’s lucky that David Ortiz has the power to hit bombs because as far as small ball goes, it’s not his style.

For instance, most base runners try to break up double plays by sliding through second base, Ortiz did just the opposite. Ortiz’s slide comes up shorter than Roberto Luongo’s mental strength in the 2011 playoffs.

Alber Pujols burns fan

Albert Pujols is known for his offense, but this guy can bring it defensively too. He’s not exactly known for his personality away from the field but based on this video, he’s pretty funny.

Not only does he make an awesome catch but he treats the guy in the front row like Will treated Carlton Banks.

Men’s tennis players at US Open kiss

Well this got weird…Gael Monfils and Grigor Dimitrov exchanged a post match kiss at the US Open. It’s weird not only because it happened, but also because it was an awkward exchange.

It’s like they wanted to just get right into it but they felt awkward with everyone watching. Seemed as though Dimitrov went 70 per cent and hoped Monfils would go the other 30 per cent. Monfils didn’t exactly oblige, but he provided a peck on the cheek nonetheless, now that’s sportsmanship!