Sidney Crosby Gives Gift on His Birthday, Surprises Nova Scotia Family

While August 17 is Sidney Crosby’s 29th birthday, the franchise center took it upon himself to give, rather than receive. After winning the Stanley Cup, it’s customary for each player to return to their hometown with hockey’s top prize. Crosby, of course, is from Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia, which meant that the Stanley Cup would definitely be taking a trip to Canada’s east coast.

Darryl Pottie, a big hockey fan from Enfield, Novia Scotia, put a sign on the side of the road by his home along with his Crosby jersey in hopes that the Penguin’s star center would see it, and sign it. After about one week of waiting and hoping, Pottie realized the effort was probably all for naught. He took the sign down.

When I took it down I thought, you know, he’s probably been busy and I certainly didn’t hold anything against him if he didn’t see it, I thought, he’s probably just busy and being pulled in a million different directions and he’s got so much going on. – Pottie

What Pottie didn’t know, however, was that Crosby had indeed seen the sign, and took note of where the house was. Two weeks later, #87 showed up to the Pottie residence with pen-in-hand. Crosby signed the jersey, as well as a picture, and certainly made the day a little bit more interesting for the Pottie family. Two Stanley Cup victories, and two Olympic gold medals later, and Crosby is still staying true to his roots and giving back to the community that has stood behind him since day one.