Selanne & Kariya Headline 2017 Hockey Hall of Fame Class

Paul Kariya Teemu Selanne 2017 Hall of Fame

On Monday night in Toronto, the Hockey Hall of Fame welcomed its Class of 2017 at the Induction Celebration Gala. The class included players Dave Andreychuk, Danielle Goyette, Paul Kariya, …

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When the NHL Comes Back, So Will You

I err on the side of caution with almost everything so bear with me when I say this.

When the NHL comes back, whenever that might be, you will too. And so will you. And you. And you in the back there…you, too.

It’s been a long 104 days without the NHL in our lives. We’ve missed Opening Night, one of the greatest days of the year for hockey fans. We missed a 2011-12 Stanley Cup Championship banner raising in Los Angeles and the subsequent talks of a championship hangover when the Kings fail to go undefeated in the first month of the season. We missed what could have been the most bizarre 24/7 yet between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs, filled with awkward Phil Kessel moments and more insight on why Pavel Datsyuk is utterly peculiar off the ice but a pure magician on the ice.

Most importantly, we missed a lot of hockey at the professional level in North America