The 4th Line Podcast: The Greatest Thing About Hockey

Carl and Joel are back with episode 36 of The 4th Line Podcast presented by The Hockey Writers. This week features talk about what makes the game so great.


The guys take their top 32 things that make hockey great and try to decide which one is ultimately The Definitive Greatest Thing About Hockey. They take the time to disagree on just about every pick as they attempt to mutually decide which is best.

About The 4th Line Podcast:

The 4th Line Podcast Presented By The Hockey Writers comes out of Calgary, Alberta, bringing a no finesse take on the world of hockey.

Started by Carl, Dave and Gary in October 2014, the guys share their thoughts on the news of the week and air their grievances in the Kangaroo Court.  With a variety of opinions, The 4th Line provide their own unique and fun view of hockey. So, tune in every week to hear the latest from the guys and their guests, and get a view on the game you can’t find anywhere else.

You can also find The 4th Line on Soundcloud, iTunes and Twitter.