Toronto Maple Leafs Coaching Possibilities: Mike Babcock

Well, lets go out and say it. Mike Babcock is one the biggest name on the market when it comes to coaches.

Every NHL team without a coach, including the Toronto Maple Leafs,  and even some with them have been connected to him. He is the best coaches in recent memory, having a Stanley Cup to his credit as well as two Olympic Gold Medals.

However, Babcock wants to raise every coaches price by becoming the highest paid coach. With his success, he is one of, if not the only coach that could do that.

The last we heard, the Detroit Red Wings had let Babcock talk to other teams after turning down an offer from the Red Wings. It’s been said that the compensation the Wings will get if Babcock signs with another team is a third-round pick. Not too much to give up for a great coach.

Would He Come To The Maple Leafs?

Now the Toronto Maple Leafs have the money to outbid any other team in the NHL, so if Babcock wants to get paid, and paid a lot, coming to Toronto would be the most prudent decision. Of course, he’s used to winning and the Leafs won’t be doing much of that in the next few years. So if the money wasn’t enough, they would have to up the offer in another way.

Well, the Leafs, on top of looking of looking for a new coach, are also looking for a general manager. Would the Leafs offer Babcock the GM position on top of being coach? It would give him the opportunity to have control over the lineup. He would also be working directly with Brendan Shanahan, who he just so happened to coach in Shanahan’s last season in Detroit in 2005-06. The only hiccup there is that you have to wonder if Babcock even wants to be a general manager.

What Babcock will do will be one of the most talked-about subjects in the NHL until he actually decides where to go. Will he come to Toronto to further his fellow coaches’ cause, even if it means that he will be on a team that rarely wins?